Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Greater Love

Today I wore the white bracelet above to remind myself of the wisdom of God and His plan for all of our lives.  It simply reads "I will follow God's plans".  Sometimes God's plans are not exactly what we would have planed for our lives.  For the last two days I have been contemplating why God would allow me to even know about Beautiful Miracle's (Baby B) existence.  I though of how much easier it would have been just to think our little miracle was the only one who struggled and fought for their life in these weeks.

There was a reason God wanted us to know.  A few of our friend have told us either that Beautiful Miracle wasn't meant to make it, or that maybe there was something wrong.  But a couple of my friends said something that made more sense to me.  That Beautiful Miracle laid down her precious little life for the life of Little Miracle.  That they loved their sibling so much and knew they both could not grow strong and healthy.

This brings me to tears even typing about it.  But they are tears of joy as much as they are tears of sorrow.  Joy that our Beautiful Miracle was so selfless and so strong as to give up her life so Little Miracle could live.  Sorrow, that we could not have known and celebrated Beautiful Miracles life more.  

In the Bible it states that there is no greater love then to lay your life down for another.  So Beautiful Miracle gave all she could and loved more then we could imagine!

John 15:12-13 (New International Version)

12My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 13Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

How amazing is this that someone so small could do something so big for the ones she loves!  She let Little Miracle continue to grow strong and healthy and didn't even draw attention to herself.  Was a beautiful act of love, grace, and mercy.  We could all learn from such as this!

Dear Lord, we thank you for the life and sacrifice of Beautiful Miracle.  We pray that you are holding her safe and sound right now.  Lord we also thank you for our Little Miracle.  We ask that you help our little miracle to continue to grow strong and healthy and to be born and come home with us.  Lord you have blessed us greatly!  Thank you for displaying true and real love through the example of Beautiful Miracle!  In Jesus Name, Amen!


  1. This is such a hard topic, Kristin. I wish I had half the strength to journal all this on a blog that would glorify God. Baby B was such a precious part of our life, and for Baby A's life. But I get so sad when I see that picture. What a beautiful testimony.

  2. You are right about God's plans not being our plans. I have been really, really struggling with that myself, wondering why God allows such painful things to happen when we have already lived a life full of pain. I think that you have a beautiful thing going on in your tummy, Kristin. I can't imagine what you must be feeling right now...probably a mixture of pure joy and sadness. I just can't wait to see your happy ending.

  3. I have just seen Chris's comment when I came on here to bring hopefully more encouragement to you. I realise that it is Chris that needs this encouragement - so instead of typing what I was going to, I am going to pray.

    Dear Father, there are so many emotions flying all over the place here. We want to be full of joy, but our hearts ach. We want to be happy, but we feel the need to be sad. We want to honour you with our praise, but we are angry that this young life has been taken away. Lord I pray that you will meet each of those emotions with your grace and peace. Lord allow the mourning, but bring joy where it is needed. Meet the need for sadness by filling their tears with sheer happiness instead of sorrow. Lord speak into Chris and Kristin's life and show them your perfect will that we know is good. Lord honour Kristin's faith in you and build up Chris' faith to echo that of his wife's. Lord as they draw on your strenght bring them closer to each other and in line with you. I get the picture of a triangle - Chris and Kristin have a point at each bottom end of the triangle and Christ is the top point. As they draw closer to God they will automatically draw closer to each other. And this is a bond that cannot be broken. Lord I pray that Baby A will continue to thrive as Kristin enters into her second trimester. And Lord I pray that the empty sac of Beautiful Miracle will be reabsorbed so that Kristin and Chris will not have to suffer anymore trauma as a result of that loss. Praise you Father for being a God who loves us. I pray that Chris and Kristin will be showered in your love. Send them your rainbow as a promise that Baby A will be the little dancing girl you have promised. In your wonderful name we pray these things. Amen.