Monday, May 11, 2009

Doppler or no Doppler? .... that is today's question!

Today I read some posts about people renting or buy fetal doppler machines to use at home to hear the baby's heart beat.  This idea intrigues me on multiple levels.  First the ability to hear baby Nels's heart beat every day during the time I was hospitalized with him was such a blessing.  It brought peace and hope to my heart every time I heard his very strong, very healthy heartbeat.  Secondly I had purchased one of those things that you stick on your tummy after 20 weeks with Nels and at first it worked... but then as the fluid left it stopped working.  With the doppler however it would be able to more easily amplify the sound of the heart beat and what ever else the baby is doing in there.  

One other reason I am considering purchasing one is that they are way cheaper then I thought they would be on Ebay!  $95 including shipping.  It would cost nearly that much to rent one for only 3 months... but instead I would be able to use it throughout the pregnancy to hear the beautiful beating heart of my little miracle! 

I am however hesitant to purchase one right at this moment.  With the SCH and all that has happened in the last three weeks we do not know what we will find in the ultrasound on Thursday!

We are praying that we see a healthy happy baby growing great with a great heartbeat.  The doctor though told us this would be a viability ultrasound.  I hate that.  I would have much rather heard  the doctor  say something positive.  Any thing somewhat positive would have done nicely.  Instead I got... with your history risk of a miscarriage is never going to be totally gone.  

Please.... don't you think I know my history well enough to know this myself... but give me a break... the only baby I did carry past 8 weeks was actually born... so I think being this far right now is a good sign.  I am trying to be happy and excited for my baby.  So why did I hesitate and not buy the doppler right away?

I know that it is important to trust God and step out in faith!  But I also know that $100 can go a long way to help with other things as well.  So for know I am going to pray and hope.  Then when I get the good news on Thursday the first thing I will do, after praising God, is go to ebay to buy my doppler!

I think hearing the heart beat will be a great way for Chris and I to bond with this little miracle!

Thank you Lord God for today!  I thank you that you have a hedge of protection around my little miracle and that you are forming this little miracle perfectly inside me.  Lord I ask that you lead and guide me in the coming days and give me the peace and faith to trust that all will be well in the ultrasound on Thursday!  I ask that you give the doctor the ability to easily find the baby and the heart beat on thursday and that the baby will have caught up in size to what it is supposed to be with the dates!  Thank You Jesus for your healing and your mercy and your kindness!  Forgive me when I stumble and fall and when I am not strong enough to hold on to hope.  Be my strength when I am week and help me keep the faith for this precious miracle!  In thy name I pray, amen!


  1. I rented one of those Doppler's with my first son. It was fun when it worked. But the times that I could not find the heartbeat, it scared me to death. And it happened quite a bit. I remember once freaking out because his heart was beating too slow - trying to decide if we should go to the hospital - finally I realized I was listening to MY heartbeat, not his!!

    I did not have the history that you have and the dang thing brought me more stress than joy I think - so, even though I don't know you, I am afraid that it would scare you too much, sister!!

    Also, as soon as you can feel the baby move, you won't use it anymore, or I didn't anyway.

    Prayers for you for a safe pregnancy...

  2. Thank you! :) I actually ordered it on Thursday though because on my ultrasound going ok. I have lots of experience with them though because of my last pregnancy. :) I think that I will be ok if I don't find it at first... but I may wait until I have my next appointment and see where the doctor finds the heartbeat first.

    That would probably be helpful!

    Thank you for your prayers! This little miracle has been getting so many prayers... we are hoping and praying for the best for this little one!