Friday, May 22, 2009

Friends effected by PUV

One of the friend's I have made along this journey since baby Nels was born Stephanee is in labor as I type with her precious little boy Vayden who has PUV.  I have been praying so hard for her and baby Vayden since we met.  

When we first talked Stephanee was going through a hard time.  They had attempted to do the shunt surgery on Vayden but the placenta was in the way so they were unable to preform this life saving surgery.

Stephanee has been so strong through this time.  She has celebrated Vayden's life and is praying for a miracle for him... as are we all.  He needs a miracle to be able to breath because she was so low on amniotic fluid so early in her pregnancy.  

I am praying right now and waiting to hear news of his birth.  Earlier this week Stephanee asked if her mom could contact me so that I could notify some of our mutual friends.  She was scheduled to be induced on June 5th.... but baby Vayden decided to come early.   I gladly agreed to be her contact as I would do anything I can to help my friends who are going through what I went through with Nels.  I only wish I could be there for her in person.  Dang bed rest!  

Please pray with me for Vayden!  Please pray that he will have a miracle and will be able to breath!  Pray that he is able to pee!  Pray that he overcomes the odds and is a fighter!  Please pray also for comfort and guidance for my Friend Stephanee and her husband.  They need all of our prayers now!

Baby Vayden, your mommy and daddy love you so much!  Please breath for them!  Show them your love!  Fill their hearts with peace!

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