Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can't stop crying

Last night at Midnight her time my friend Stephanee had her baby boy Vayden.    We had been praying so hard for them for such a long time.  Vayden had PUV just like baby Nels.  About an hour after he was born I recieved a call from Stephanee.  She sounded peaceful and strong.

She told me that Vayden was born 4 lbs 14 ounces.  Only one ounce smaller then his older brother.  She told me he was breathing on his own with out the tubes but his breathing was labored.  Stephanee said that he looked just like his older brother when he was born and was perfect and beautiful.

Then she said that he was making some crying noises and that is when I heard him.  It wasn't really a full on cry just a little peep and it sounded so much like the cooing noises that baby Nels made when he was born.

Vayden lived in his mommy and daddy's loving arms for three hours and 45 minutes and then went to the loving arms of Jesus.  I am sure there were many little boys waiting for him when he got there including all the ones  who were born in the last year in our PUV group.  Probably many more as well.

Hearing Vayden brought back so many memories of baby Nels.  I can't believe that it will be 7 months soon since he went to be with Jesus.  I could hardly sleep last night.  I wanted to be available so that anytime Stephanee might have needed me I could be there for her on the phone.

Last night I was still on adrenaline wanting to help but this morning is different.  The tears have been flowing today and I can't seem to turn them off.  I feel so bad that any baby would have to go through having PUV and that so many of them simply do not make it.   I am blessed to know of some baby's and little boys who have overcome PUV as well.  I just wish they all could live long and happy lives.

I am so proud of Stephanee.  She is such a good mom and she surrounded her little one with love for the time he was here on earth.  

Lord God, I pray for Stephanee and Van, that you would surround them with Angels to watch over them and guard them during this time.  Help them with their sorrow and keep them safe.  Lord God, I thank you for the time that you gave Vayden here on earth to share his love with Van and Stephanee.  Lord, though that time was short I know that that little boy had nothing but love fill his life.  God please comfort and guide Stephanee and Van.  Bring them closer together during this hard time and not further apart.  Give them the strength they need to press on and help their other son to some day understand.  Lord I pray a hedge of protection around this family right now.  Send friends and family their way to hold them up in this hard time.  Thank you Lord for Vayden.  Thank you for letting him be born alive and thank you for making him whole now in heaven.  In Jesus name, Amen!

Stephanee, our heart are with you, Van, Vayden, & Vashon right now!  I know the next few day and months will be difficult.  I want you to know that I am here for you no mater what.

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