Friday, May 8, 2009

Calmer and quieter

Today is a much calmer day for me.    I was able to get a little work done by making a banner for the Unlocking PUV page that I am making in honor of baby Nels.  I am so excited to get this project going!  It is taking some time to learn the new software which at least gives me something to distract me while I am resting.

Yesterday I walked around a bit more upstairs but didn't do much.  I am still trying to do the bed rest as much as possible.  It seems to be working!  The SCH has not had any spotting in a week and no big problems since that last ultrasound... so I am praying that this means good things for this little miracle!  

I still can't wait to see the little one again on the 14th.... but I wish it was at the ultrasound center rather then at the clinic.  The ultrasound machines at the clinic just can't compare to the other ones.  The pictures are much fuzzier and heard to find anything in.  I am hoping that I will see hands, feet, fingers and toes next time!  All I saw was a heartbeat last time.  :)  But that is ok... it was a blessing to see that!

Thank you Lord for the lessons you showed me yesterday!  Thank you for helping me through today!  Thank you for blessing me with this little miracle!  Lord I pray that you will continue to knit this little miracle together in the way it should go!  Please make it's organs and body parts all perfect the way they are designed to be.  Help the baby to grow and help the heart rate to be what it is supposed to be.  Please keep this little one safe and put a hedge of protection around our little miracle.  Thank you Lord for all you are doing, amen!

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