Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Research is not always a good thing!

Earlier today I was feeling pretty good about what I had learned about fetal heart rate and where my little miracle was during the ultrasound a week and a half ago.  Then today I began to do more research.  Not because I wasn't happy with the answers I had found but because some one else wanted information on early heart rates.  So what do I do?  I begin to check again.  

This time I found similar information and then some scarier information.  The first information I had found about early heart rates being between 90 and 113 seems to be correct.  Most of the sites had something like that on 6 weeks or younger.  But then as I read more it said that at 6 weeks 3 days to 7 weeks that it should be between 110 and 120.  That caused a slight drop in excitement.  Then I read further in some studies that heart rates under 110 at around 6 and a half weeks were linked to early miscarriage.

Last week I found a study that said below 90 was a cause for concern.  I was much happier with that.  Now the stress of waiting to see has once again peaked.  

Lord God please make my babies heart rate go the way it is supposed to.  Make it a strong and healthy heart rate.  Let all the organs form correctly and let this baby live.... please Lord God.... take away my fears and replace them with faith and hope.  Lord be with me and lead me and guide me.  I cast all my cares at the foot of the cross.  I need you Lord to help me get through this stressful time.  I still have 8 days left until my next ultrasound.  You know Lord God how much we want this little miracle.  Please do not let it slip away from us.  Keep it safe and warm in my womb and let it be healthy and happy.  Lord help me to rely on you and not the wisdom of man.  You have already made this little miracle a miracle!  You showed us a heart beat when they told us the baby had left.  You gave us a pregnancy when they said it was not possible.  You made this little miracle and helped it overcome medications that should have made it disappear and a biopsy which could have taken it away.  This is your miracle Lord God!  I ask that you complete the miracle you have begun and that you make this little one grow.  In thy name I pray, Amen!


  1. Kristin, I have followed your story through FF and I continue to be amazed by everything that you have been through. I am hoping for a little miracle of my own and you are helping me believe that anything is possible. Good luck and I will be praying for you too.
    Kristin (knicole78 on FF)

  2. Yep...the blessing and bane of technology. It's definitely a love/hate relationship. It brings "friends" closer with a sense of community when we have troubled hearts, but also causes some of the trouble when we go all "self-diagnosisy) - which I do - a LOT! Chin up...God has this one. :)

  3. Kristin,
    Thank you very much for writing. I am glad that my story brings hope that anything is possible with God's help! I pray that you will have a little miracle of your own very soon!

    You are so right about self diagnosis. I do that way too much... I guess it is a part of my researching desires from college. I love to research... but some times it just gets me in big trouble! :)