Friday, May 22, 2009

10 weeks 2 days

It is hard to believe that I am already at 10 weeks 2 days with this little miracle.  Who would have thought after going through all the stuff this little one has gone through that it would still be with me today!  What a blessing and a miracle!  

I am so thankful to God that this little miracle has stayed with us and is growing!  I won't know any more official stuff until I go to my appointment on the 28th.  Then I will find out more about the next steps with this precious little one.  Until then I have remained on my modified couch/bedrest to keep this little one with us.  I don't want to take any undo chances and I am trying to take the best care of this little miracle!

This morning I woke up at 5 to an upset stomach.  That always makes me a little nervous... because it is hard to tell where the cramping is coming from.  I got up and had a bad case of the runs.  Well, that answered where those cramps were from... and although it took some stress away it was stressful and I was concerned about the safety of the baby.

My husband was wide awake when I came back in the room.  Instead of being angry that he was woken at 5 am on his week off he simply sat up to talk to me.  I asked him to pray for the baby when I laid back down.  He gently too my hand and said a prayer for the baby.  Then he kept hold my hand as I fell back asleep, feeling safe and protected.  He sat there with me for a long time just hold my hand as I slept and then eventually he laid back down and got some more rest himself.

I am so thankful for Chris.  He has been so good during this pregnancy.  Although not without his moments, he really has been there for me and the baby.  It is very nice.   He support me when I get concerned about what is going to go on with this baby and he prays with me for it's life and health each day.   PUV was our first concern.  So we have been praying for a little girl partially because we do not want to go through what we went through before and partially because we have had people in the past tell us we would have a little girl that would dance for Jesus.

As you know... our son Nels that we lost to PUV... was so important to us!  He was our first miracle.  We have always been thankful for the short time we got with him.  It was so important to us to have that time.  PUV has been a big concern to us ever since then.  The fact that it happens to 1 in 8000 baby boys is a awful thing.  On Facebook we have made a group to help others who have PUV in their families.  We have made many friends during this time.  Recently one of the mom's had her baby, and praise God he is living and doing well according to her.  This family was truly blessed.  It is nice to hear that someone has survived being born with PUV.... it doesn't happen that often with our group but when it does it is a reason to celebrate.   I wished I could be of more help to those with surviving boys but that was not my experience.  Thankfully though there is a wonderful lady who's son was born with PUV who lives not far from the one who just had her little one.  I pray that the new mom will be able to learn a lot from the experience of her and from the experiences of the other women in the group as well.

We have also had several of our PUV friends lose their precious little ones as well.  With those we are better able to help because we have been there.  It is so sad that so many do not make it.  It is even harder when the prognosis is given really early!  There are many brave women in the PUV group who have fought hard for their little one and carried them as long as they could.  I am so proud of those moms who did their best to give their little ones a chance at a miracle.  I have seen many of the women, though broken by the loss, come out empowered to help others.  That is amazing.  Though crushed in their spirits these women have come back to help others through hard times, reach out to others in similar situations and give of their heart to those who have lost precious little ones.  Their strength is a powerful testament not only to their love of their little ones but to their faith as well.

I am not sure how one could get through this type of situation without faith.  Yesterday, I met one new mom to our group.  She really just gave her life to Christ after going through losing her son to PUV.  A church in their community helped them through their very difficult time and they were baptized 2 months after the birth and loss of their son.  It was an amazing testimony.  So powerful how God picked them up out of their time of deep sorrow and set them on a path of faith.   Now she too is reaching out to others.  Praise God!

Dear Lord God, I thank you for our precious little miracle.  I thank you that you are knitting together every part of this precious child.  Lord please make our child happy and healthy and let it be born and come home with us to raise up in your ways.  Lord God, I thank you for each and every person I have met in the PUV group.  I thank you that you are working in their lives.  Lord, even through the pain you have made beauty come out of their lives.  Lord God I pray for each and every boy who is living with PUV that is in our group.  Lord work in their lives and help their families to overcome all the obstacles in their way.  Heal the little one, and give those who need kidneys their kidneys.  Lord be with each family and lead and guide them.  Lord I pray for Stephanee right now as she prepare to have Vayden in June.  Lord be with her and Van, comfort them and guide them during this difficult time.  Hold them in your loving arms.  Lord as the one little boy was born a miracle recently I ask for a miracle for Vayden as well.  You, Oh Lord, know what is best for little Vayden so I give that whole situation to you.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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