Sunday, May 17, 2009

One protective pup!

Honey our dog had a visitor today.  My mom and dad came to help Chris dig out our garden today and spray weed killer on spots while I stayed inside on the couch with the two dogs.  Ours and theirs.  

The too dogs are like brother and sister.  Our dog is only one day younger then theirs.  They are both the same color but totally different breeds and temperaments.  My mom and dad have a yellow lab named Buddy.  Buddy is a very loving dog but likes to be right there with you.  He is happy and jumps all around when you give him attention.  So cute.  Honey on the other hand, our dog, is a pug mixed with miniature eskimoo.  She is a lot smaller then Buddy but keeps him in check.

I was laying on the couch when mom put the dogs in the house.  Buddy came up and gave me a quick lick on the forehead and then began to bounce around a little.  Honey seeing this quickly jumped into action.  She herded Buddy away from the couch and then jumped up by my feet and stood guard.  It was kind of funny.  She knows that something is going on and has been keeping a close eye on me.  Once Buddy got bored and went into the office so he could see what they were doing outside Honey followed him.  I guess she felt she didn't need to guard me any more.

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