Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My bed rest and SCH

Bed rest can be a challenge for people with Type "A" personalities like me.  When people tell me to rest... to me that means don't go for a 3 mile run or 6 mile hike.  To completely rest for as many days as I have so far has been very challenging.  

I have to admit there were a few days that I did a little more then I was supposed to.  I had a wedding to officiate of someone I had know for his whole life on Saturday the 2nd so on Friday and Saturday I walked around more and had to carry a couple things in order to get what I needed to done... for example I had to carry my computer into my office to print wedding documents.  Thankfully though the bleeding of the SCH had subsided by Friday and it did not return due to the activity.  

I was able to go to the wedding Saturday, preform the service and get home to rest on my couch like a good girl... all without bleeding!  Yeah!  Praise God!

Since the ultrasound on Monday the 27th I had been concerned about one thing I heard during the ultrasound.  The ultrasound tech said that the baby's heart rate was 109.  This seemed awfully low to me.  She told me no it was normal for my gestation at the time of the ultrasound... so the next day when I had my appointment it completely slipped my mind to ask the doctor about it.  

Since I didn't ask though I began to panic and worry.  Which is not what God wants and not good for the baby!  It took a very long time but I finally on Thursday found a web site that gave me the normal heart rate for that early of a heart beat.  The normal range for that gestation was 90 to 113.  They also said on that page that only heart rates under 90 are ones they worry about for miscarriage.  That made me feel a little better because then this baby's heart rate was towards the top for their age!  

It didn't take away all the stress and worry though.  With every twinge I was concerned that that would be the last of my precious little miracle.  Last night I woke up in a panic and began to cry thinking that since I wasn't extremely hot at that moment that the baby was gone.  What I failed to realize was that the temperature had dropped 10 degrees in our house yesterday due to a little bit of a cold snap... so that is why I didn't feel extremely hot.

To be honest though, I haven't worried as much about PUV as I thought I would.  I am more concerned about this little miracle, who has fought so hard to get to this point, being born happy and healthy.  I so much want this baby to make it and to be healthy.  I know that is what every parent wants for their child to have a happy, healthy baby.  For me this has been the greatest challenge of my life.

I am praying God has a hedge of protection around this little miracle and that He is knitting together this baby's body with all the organs and body parts in the right place and doing the right things!  

My next appointment is still 9 days away.  That is a long time to wait to find out more about the baby.  I have noticed though that my uterus is expanding like it should.  When I lay on one side my little bump is able to be felt.  

This morning before getting up I just laid with my hand on the little miracle bump and prayed and prayed.  I put everything in God's hands.  I know God is in control and that He can help this little miracle be born and have a good life.

I am still praying that this little one is a girl... just because I don't want this baby to have to face what little Nels had to face.  Plus we had been told that we would have a little girl who would dance for Jesus... so that is what we are praying will happen and that God's words spoken to us through several different people will come true with this child.

For now I must be patient.  I must rest.  I must trust God.  I must have faith to overcome.  I must find my strength in the joy of the Lord and celebrate this precious little ones life!

Lord God, I thank you so much for this little miracle.  I ask that you continue to knit it together the way it is supposed to be.  Please make all the baby's organs and parts work correctly.  Please help the heart rate to rise to where it is supposed to be for the rest of the pregnancy.  Lord, thank you for the opportunity to carry another child.  Please God let this one be one that we can raise up in your ways and one that we can teach all about you!  Lord we need your help right now to make it through this process.  We need your love to surround us and hope to abound.  Please put a hedge of protection around the baby.  Lord continue to heal me from the SCH and make it so I do not bleed any more during this pregnancy.  In Yeshua's (Jesus) name, Amen!

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  1. Thank you so much for this prayer, exactly what I needed to say! This has helped me so much. God is always there. Many Blessing to you.