Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now I see why I was warned about the doppler!

Today had a rough start to it.  I decided first thing that I wanted to try and find the baby's heart rate this morning.  I tried for an hour and a half and really could not pinpoint the baby.  I did hear a little movement but was concerned.

As I laid on the couch later I tried to feel where the baby would be... again did happen.  I could not feel my uterus at all today when I was on the couch.  Later on I went down stairs to lay down and try to find it and I did.  I guess the couch just wasn't the right position.  

One person tried to warn me about dopplers and the frustration with not finding the heart rate some times.  I thought that it would only bring me comfort though seeing that the heart rate was beating away.  I was pretty sure that I would be able to find the baby's heart rate too.... after being in the hospital with all the monitoring last year with Nels.  I got really good at working all the equipment.

Today though I got scared and frustrated after not finding a suitable baby heart rate in the morning.  One of my friends suggested drinking some cold water and trying again. (Thanks for the idea! :) ) So later in the afternoon I decided to try that.  Well, I think I might have gotten the heart rate and even heard a tiny swishing sound for barely 2 seconds.  Then I heard a lot of other noise and couldn't find the heart rate again.  I kept running into mine everywhere I went.  It is easy to tell my heart rate from a baby's heart rate.  Mine sound like the normal thump thump sound of a heart that we are all used to.  A baby's heart sounds more like a swish swish sound though.

I am more at ease tonight but I asked my husband to pray for me and the baby.  I don't have any other reasons to be concerned right now.  

I am thankful that the SCH seems to have cleared itself up.  I haven't had any bleeding for quite some time now!  Praise God!!  To God be the glory for that!  I also haven't had any cramping or pressure either, which is good!  The only cramping I have had has been gastrointestinal in nature, because of a couple days of the runs. Sorry for the TMI :)  Anyways there are no big signs that I should be concerned... so I need to get back to focusing on the blessing that this child is and enjoy my last few days of couch rest before my big appointment on Thursday!

I am really hoping that everything goes really well on Thursday!  I hope that it will be a good appointment and that maybe I will be taken off couch duty!  :)  I know that the pelvic rest and the lifting restrictions were given to me for the whole pregnancy so I am not going to count on getting off those restrictions but the couch rest might be escapable!

Dear Lord God, I come to you tonight and ask that you continue to form my little baby in my womb.  Help it's heart to beat right, help it's parts to grow right and help it to be born happy and healthy.  Lord I lay my burdens at the foot of the cross and ask that you give me the peace that passes understanding right now.  Lord I know that my baby is in your skillful hands and that you are working miracles in it's life right now.  Lord bless this little one and help it to grow.  I dedicate this child to you oh Lord even now and I promise to raise it up in your ways.  Lord thank you for all you are doing and that you for being with me in the days that I have to wait between appointments.  Thank you God for all that you are doing, amen!

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  1. Even doctors can't guarantee a heart beat at every visit until you are past 12weeks. It's all just dependent on how that little bean baby is laying. If s/he is tucked low with his/her back to are just out of luck. S/he is so tiny and has so much room because it! No worries until there is something to worry about. Hugs and prayers. :)