Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exciting Results today!!!

I am so happy and so thankful to God for what He has done in our little miracles life!  It is amazing!!!  It is a blessing!!!!   Today I had a follow up ultrasound after waiting almost 3 weeks.  I was very nervous but I knew that God was there with me.  I had a good time of worship last night and just felt safe!

When they started the ultrasound the uterus was up they told me so the transvaginal ultrasound wasn't getting a good enough picture.  So they did the on the top ultrasound even though it is normally too early for that. 

The ultrasound equipment wasn't the highest quality in the office as it was in the ultrasound center... but I could see everything where the doctor and nurse pointed it out to me.

The baby is growing good and had a good heart beat although because of the equipment they could not give me the exact amount they just said it was good.  So I will trust that God has made the heart beat good!

In the picture above I traced where the baby was according to the doctor.  I know it is really hard to see.  It was just about as hard to see on the monitor too... but everything was good according to the doctor.  He said to go ahead and go to my appointment at the UW medical center, which is my next appointment on the 28th of May.  Praise the Lord!

They were having a tough time measuring the little one though.  Our little miracle was moving around a lot today!!!!  So since they had a hard time measuring the had an estimate of 8w6d, when it should be 9w1d.  But that is an ok difference and is explainable by the movement and by the fact that babies grow at different rates.  Before it was measuring 4 days behind so only 2 days behind is a big improvement in just a few weeks!

Lord God, I thank you for the little miracle you have put inside of me and continue to knit together.  Lord I pray that you bless this little one and help it to grow happy and healthy until you are ready for it to be born.  Thank you Lord for all that you have done and for your mercy and kindness unto me!  Amen!


  1. That's so exciting Kristen. What a joyful day for you and your husband!

    Heather Jandusay

  2. Christopher CampbellMay 14, 2009 at 9:34 PM

    I'm so excited, Kristin! I know we shall meet our beloved little one soon. Love your husband Christopher

  3. Thank you Heather!

    Chris, I am so glad you can be excited now for our little one!