Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last night was hard

Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of the birth and death of our precious little Baby Nels who only lived one hour due to his PUV.  I missed him so much yesterday and would have liked to have gone to his grave site to take him flowers but alas.... no I was stuck on the couch.  

That made it hard for me.  I had such a restless night last night with tons of bad dreams having to do with his birth and life.  Then I had bad dreams about this little miracle as well.  It was awful.  I can't imagine going through another night like that.  I was trying so hard to stay on the positives yesterday but it seems as if during the night I failed.

God please help me to find peace and comfort in you today!  We miss you and love you baby Nels!  Thank you for holding on to mommies finger... even though it was only for a short time!


  1. Man Kristin...I still can't get over how beautiful he is. With a face like that, he was definitely destined to be in the arms of could He resist him. Such a sweetie. Prayers.

  2. :) He was so beautiful to me. I have this picture of him holding my finger on the mantle in our living room in a special frame that we found at the fair a few days before I ended up in the hospital that had his name carved in it. I couldn't believe it when we found something with his name on it... it was so amazing. Now I look down at my empty finger and wish he was here to hold it!