Monday, May 18, 2009

Protecting precious miracles!

Why would anyone take unnecessary risks with a high risk pregnancy?  Yesterday I ended up in a debate on the website Fertility Friends when someone asked if it was ok for high risk people to fly in the first trimester.  The person who was asking the question was nervous about making trip plans because she was planing on getting pregnant and had been put on bed rest at 13 weeks with her last pregnancy.  She was feeling pressure from her family to make the flight reservations.

The first person who answered her just simply told her it was safe for 99% of all pregnant people to fly.  She based this on what her doctor told her... rather then looking at the whole picture.  The  99% quote she gave is totally wrong anyways.  The CDC states that women who are high risk should not fly.  Even airline sites state this as well.  

The facts are that 5 to 20% of all pregnancies are high risk in varying degrees.  The extreme high risk category is between 5 and 10% of pregnancies.  The Mayo Clinic site has an article about airline safety during pregnancy.  They suggest that people should wait until 14 weeks of pregnancy before flying for various reasons.  1 the risk of miscarriage is lower then.  2 the risk of mourning sickness related injuries are less at that time as well.  They also stated on their site that people with clotting disorders and other conditions that make pregnancy high risk are at increased risk if they do fly.

They don't have any specific studies on flying with high risk but after what I experienced this time I can't imagine just telling people that it is completely safe go ahead with your plans... especially if they themselves are feeling concerned about it.  

I think the one thing that bugs me the most is... what about the babies rights?  Are they even thinking about that precious little life that is so fragile that one wrong fall and hurt it?  Are they thinking about the miracle that each little life is and how precious that life is?  Are they thinking about wether it is more important to protect that life or are they just selfishly looking out for themselves and their entertainment.

I just makes me so mad that anyone, who has a high risk pregnancy, would tell someone else... who most likely will have a high risk pregnancy... just to go for it.  This person told me that my story was scary and she didn't want that person to be scared by what happened to me during this pregnancy.  I can understand that... but I did tell first about my successful flying with baby Nels.    I flew all over the world with baby Nels!  

What I don't understand is why if there is any chance of harming your child would you even attempt it?  Life is to very precious.  I am not saying put your life on hold.  What I am saying is weight the costs.  If I had know that my trip to florida was going to put my baby's life at risk... I would not have gone.  I had even considered sending Chris alone ahead of time if the doctors gave me reasons.  Unfortunately... being passed around between doctors put me at risk of not knowing about the SCH that caused all the problems.  Had I known about it I would not have flied.  Why risk a child's life?  I so much desire to have one of my children with me that I think this subject effected me very deeply.  If I could have prevented any of my losses I would have done what ever I could do.

So instead of growing in anger about this and putting my own precious miracle at risk by my feelings I know I need to give this whole situation over to God.  I know that God can take care of this situation much better then I can.  God is the author and perfecter of life!

Abba, Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ your son and ask that you would work in the lives of these two ladies.  Lord firstly in the lady who is trying to get pregnant and was worried about flying, I ask that you give her and her doctors wisdom to know what to do when she becomes pregnant.  Lord I pray that she will more highly favor the life of her precious miracle, then a simple trip.  Lord lead and guide her.  If it would be better for her to wait until after her vacation to become pregnant then give her doctors the wisdom to tell her this.  Lord I pray for the other person who seems not to be bothered at all by the extra risk that flying puts on high risk patients.  Lord I pray that you would show her how precious those little miracles are that she would not take this so lightly.  Lord lead and guide her and show her how to best help and direct others in this situation.  Keep her ever mindful of what can happen so that she is errors on the side of caution rather then throwing caution to the wind. In Yeshua's name Amen!


  1. I'm glad you posted this topic on your blog. Keep speaking the truth, Kristin. I love you.

  2. I am totally in agreement with you here. I mean why would you want to risk it? I had read something on the FF board about in response to someone who was angry at God for not blessing her with a baby. It spoke about being a better Mom than most cause you have had to endure so much to get your miracle. I think far too many people take the gift of life for granted, and don't see why we get so upset at their flippant comments and nature. We will always appreciate more what we have got because we have had to endure so much to get it. I just hope that people will see your testimony as a lesson learnt for them too, and won't take risks unfairly. God Bless