Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally something good! :)

Today was the day I turned in my 12 hour test and did my 3 hour glucose test. Chris and I speant the morning at UW medical center doing blood tests and walking around the area. Since I had a blood test every hour it was important for me to stay close so we mostly walked across to the ship canal and went to the sculpture area near the surgery pavilion.

When I arrived I started out getting my first blood draw. This one was for the 12 pee test though... and one to base my glucose test off of. Then I got poked an additional 3 times in 3 hours. Chris had fun taking pictures of me and all my pokes. So I posed for him.

After all the tests we went out to lunch at one of our favorite gluten free places in Seattle. Getting up peeing all night made me really tired so we decided to go home after stopping at the gluten free bakery for Lemon bars and head home for a nap.

When I woke up from my nap at 3 I called in for my results. I got no response. So an hour later I called again... still no response. I was getting frustrated and worried. Chris said just to stay laying down to help lower my BP. So I followed his directions. I called again at 10 minutes until the office called and finally they gave me someone to talk to. The nurse said that I passed all of the glucose tests... all 4 blood tests were fine. Yay! Praise God! I passed something!

Then I asked about the 12 hour test. It was less clear. The blood part of the 12 hour test was fine. They said that the blood creatinine was normal. There was no protein in the urine, which is a good thing but there was increased creatinine in the urine. The nurse was not sure what this meant. So I looked online and really could figure out what she was talking about from that.

Then the second nurse called back.... after hours. Since I had already gotten the results I asked her more specifically about the pee test. She assumed that I was on BP meds already. Which I am not. She said that since there was no protein that was good, and that the blood creatinine showed that the kidneys were working. She said though that the urine creatinine was at an elevated level but that this didn't show kidney damage.

So basically I still don't know the total out come of the 12 hour test... just that I will probably be on medication starting after next tuesday.

My blood pressure was still up tonight when I took it, but it was better then last night. That is good! Maybe everything will just start going right now. Maybe I passed a bigger test then just these medical tests.

Thank you God for helping me to pass the glucose test today. Please keep baby Asher safe and keep me safe too. Lord help the doctors to know what is going on with me and to treat me and Asher the best way possible. In Jesus name amen!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When it rains it pours!

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring? AAAAAAHHHHHH! Ok so I thought that I passed the glucose test based on the email I got saying that my labs were good so far. I guess I was wrong!!! Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!!!

I barely failed it again. Just like with Nels... 148. The cut off is 140. What to they expect when they give a woman an artificial sugar filled, chemical laden drink.. who doesn't eat chemicals or preservatives... and who is on a lower carb diet? Ahhhhhhh! That just frustrates me so much! So now I get to go into the hospital for 3 hours tomorrow to take another glucose test. Which I easily passed with Nels... Hopefully will pass it with Asher as well. I don't think I could handle adding another stressor to my already high BP.

I think this test is so bogus!!!! It is a fake situation. Who would eat ten candy bars worth of sugar in less then 5 minutes. Come on! That is ridiculous! I can see how it may help them identify people with big problems but really... I am sick of the poking and prodding and I was hoping to avoid this one this time.

I am doing my 12 hour pee test tonight as well for the blood pressure to make sure it is PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) and not preeclampsia. I was planning on doing it from 9pm tonight until 9am tomorrow. Well my 3 hour test begins at 8:30 in the morning. In order to get there during rush hour I would need to be done with my pee test by 6 am. So that means from 6pm to 6am I have to collect urine and refrigerate it.

That doesn't sound that hard... except for the fact that we are supposed to go out to dinner tonight with the in-laws who are up from Oregon stopping by on their way to Canada this weekend. So in order to start the pee test on time... I will have to hold it while we are out. My stress right now is through the roof. I can just imagine that my BP is too.

I know I need to calm down and trust that God is doing what is best for Asher and I. I even think that God had this planned. My husband has tomorrow off of work. He has had it scheduled off of work since the end of November last year. Coincidence... I don't think so. He picked this random Friday in September to have off. There have been a few times this year when he has almost changed it, but for some reason never did. So now he gets to go to the hospital with me.

What is really scaring me right now is that I had the 3 hour glucose test with Nels on the same day of the week last year. It was on Friday. Two days before I ended up in the hospital for 39 days with Nels. The only difference is the actual date is one day earlier. I am afraid of last year repeating itself.

On Sunday I am supposed to go on the walk for Fetal Hope in Kirkland. I felt like it was important to honor baby Nels on that day because it will be the same day of the week that I ended up in the hospital with him last year. I just pray that I will still get to do it.

There is a difference this year. I don't have an ultrasound scheduled for Sunday.... and that is what ultimately landed me in the hospital that day. It just seems too much like a repeat of last year. Living it over is not fun.

Asher please hang in there. Mommy is trying to lower the blood pressure. Breath Kristin, Breath.

I know that with God it will turn out alright what ever happens tomorrow and this weekend. I know that God is the author and perfecter of life and that he is protecting little Asher even now as I sit here with my eye watering and fear building. I also know fear is not of God. I should not fear... but stand in faith and come prayerfully before the thrown of God. I could just use a little break though.

I am not a bad person. I do my best to help others. I try to take care of myself and my baby the best that I can. It just seems like I am hitting another road block. I know the test isn't that bad. I did do it last year. It is just that it is happening at the same time that is hitting me so hard. Please God give me strength. Keep me safe and above all keep my little boy safe. He doesn't deserve to have to go through any more yucky stuff.

4:30 wake up call a note to Asher

Good morning Asher! Not so sure why you wanted me up this early this morning but I figured it would be a good idea for me to give a report on you while I was up.

After going to the doctor on Tuesday, wednesday was a little scary. In the morning my BP was up further... passed the cut of line for hypertension. So I decided to take it easy all day and just keep track of everything you did and everything I felt.

I listened to your heart beat twice yesterday to check on you. It was a little slower then before but still mostly in the normal range. Keep your heart going good little Asher. Mommy will try to get her heart working better too!

I kept track of contractions as well. Thankfully there were no times when there were 6 in an hour. In fact I think the most was 3. I am having one now though just sitting here drinking my water.

Last night when daddy took me to get my blood pressure taken he did his first. Daddy's blood pressure was fine... so we know that the machine was working. Then mommy took hers and it was up even more. The top # didn't change too much from the morning but the bottom one went up to 99. That's not good sweetie. Mommy needs to fix this fast so you can stay in and grow happy and healthy.

I love you Asher and I want you to be a good boy and keep growing. I have asked Jesus to keep a hedge of protection around you and to keep you safe. Daddy is keeping an eye on mommy and promised to make sure she gets help if she gets a head ache or sees flashes like the doctor said.

I will take my blood pressure again this morning later on when the rite aid opens. Mommy's hands and feet aren't puffy though so that is good. Just a wee bit of heartburn going on making it hard to drink the water right now. But I am doing it for you little guy!

My greatest fear is that I will miss a something and not go in to get help when I need to. I would hate for anything to happen because I am not aware. So I am doing some extra research today and I am going to take that 12 hour pee test the doctor wants me to take tonight.

The doctor said that the glucose labs came back normal! Praise God. No three hour test for you little one! That is good new huh! Mommy can't keep that orange stuff down anyways... it is so unnatural to drink that much sugar.

So for now little guy, you keep being good and mommy will do her best to be good too! I think mommy needs to finish her water and go lay back down for awhile .... even though your awake and kicking.... because now there have been two contractions just sitting here in the last 15 minutes. I have to take care of you by laying low little one.

I love you Asher, I can't wait to see you and hold you in my arms! But please wait a little while longer... you need to bake some more!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Asher is doing well, but now something else?

Today was my 28 week check up for Asher. I went in to do the dreaded glucola test and then found out that my blood pressure was elevated causing some concern for preeclampsia.

With Nels my BP stayed fine the whole time. Today it was on the border line so the doctor ordered some more blood tests other then the glucola test that went with the drinking of the nasty orange stuff. Plus, I get to fill a huge jug with pee doing a 12 hour test before next week's appointment.

Yes, that's right, instead of 2 weeks. I am going in next week. My doctor was going to put me on medication right away but decided just to see me next week and see how the blood tests turned out. After that is should be back to two weeks for at least a couple times.

I personally am more stressed about the stupid glucola test then the BP tests. Last year with Nels I failed the one hour one and then had to do the 3 hour one. This year I am hoping I pass the one hour one so I don't have to do the 3 hour one. Yucky!!!

Preeclampsia is very serious though so I know I have to watch it closely! My friend Mariah that I met in the hospital last year was admitted for blood pressure issues, so I might ask her about some of this if it gets to the point where they put me on medication.

My doctor did do a quick ultrasound of Asher... but I have no pictures... mostly just saw the top of his head... his heart... his spine and all the fluid around him. She said that the fluid was normal. Also that the cervix was still plenty long. She couldn't see exactly where the placenta was going to but to me it did not look like it had moved. She is going to order a fancier ultrasound for 34 weeks... but that is a long time away from now.

Who knows what will happen between now and then.

I should know more next tuesday about all the other results. I am positive that if the glucola test is bad that they will call me before then. In the mean time my orders were to come in if I have any flashes of light in my vision or 6 or more contractions in an hour. I haven't been put back on bed rest yet so that is good.

I am going to begin to monitor Asher more with the doppler too. I need to make sure that his heart rate stays good and that he doesn't have any problems because of what my body is doing.
He is so precious to us. I just don't want anything to happen to him. I want him to be born the best way he can be.

Oh, one fun side note. I almost passed out during the ultrasound... it seems that Asher had gotten into a position that actually blocked the blood vessel like Nels used to... but when I rolled on my side he move over and stuck his bum in the air. So when I rolled back his little rear was sticking up high in the middle of my tummy. It looked very odd. Wish I had a picture of it.

I had lots of questions to ask the doctor today about the placenta, contractions and the EIF but didn't have questions about preeclampsia stuff. Now I am going to have to write down the questions I have about that and the risks to Asher and myself. At least I only have a week to wait and then will be able to ask more questions. This time though I am going to write them down better. There was one question that I forgot to ask. Baby Asher's heart rate went down when I had the doppler on during a contraction a few days ago. I want to check as see if it had gone down too far or if it was causing him stress.

I think I will get a little book to write down all my questions in tonight. My doctor kept asking if I had questions but I kept blanking out. Hopefully I won't do that next week with my questions in hand.

God, I thank you that Asher is doing well and has enough fluid from what we could see on the ultrasound today. I thank you that he is growing well and doing well. Lord please keep him safe in the weeks and days to come and please help him to be born when he needs to be. In Jesus name, amen!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My insurance nurse was overreacting!

Last night I got a call from my insurance nurse who has been checking up with me through out this pregnancy. She asked all the normal questions and then asked about contractions.

I told her that I had been having some irregular contractions like braxton hick ones for the last couple weeks. She kind of freaked out. She told me that braxton hicks shouldn't start until 36 weeks and anytime I have a contraction I should drink lots of water and lay down. She said that at this stage they would be considered regular contractions not braxton hicks.

I don't know that she has it right. I thought that if they were not time-able and were just one every once in awhile that it was just your body's way of preparing. So I did some more research. What I found said that they could start earlier then 36 weeks but if you got more then 4 in an hour that they were regular ones and to contact the doctor.

So not having more then 4 hour at any given time... at least I don't think so... I think I am ok to go with the fact that they are probably the hick kind.

The nurse wanted me to call the doctor right away when I had one. I am not so sure that my doctors office would appreciate a call about one contraction. My next appointment is a week from today... so I will just wait and talk to my doctor about it then. I am not too concerned. I did have contractions from 29 weeks on off and on with Nels. Some were barely contractions... but since I was on a monitor I got to see what they were better.

Maybe because of that I am more aware of what is going on then most. I guess I could be overly sensitive to knowing when there is a contraction. I am sure others have them too and don't have early babies.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Asher is 26 weeks today! :)

Wow, 26 weeks! Praise God! It has been a journey to get here but I am glad that Asher is still moving, growing and being good.

This week I have experienced some braxton hick contractions. I know this is a totally normal thing so I am not concerned but it is totally different then with baby Nels. With Nels I really didn't feel the contractions much until the second day of labor. With Asher though... he is already starting those practice contractions.

There are two other big differences with this pregnancy as well... one being that I am blowing up like a balloon and the other is Asher's movement.

I know that there is fluid around Asher and that could be accounting for some of the weight difference but I also think that since I have been really careful that I am gaining a bit too much weight. I haven't been lift things or exercising regularly like I did with Nels. I know that it is important for Asher's sake that I take it easy, but enough is enough. I can't gain any more! I am putting myself of gain restriction!!!! My doctor hasn't said anything but I know that it is starting to effect me. I am on target for normal people weight gain... but since I was up a little from the clomid the few cycles before I feel like I need to be in the smaller gain group.

With that in mind I am going to start doing more walks around the neighborhood. I took Honey for a short walk today and will go on another walk with my husband as soon as he gets home or maybe I should wait until after dinner? Plus I have to get ready for the 5k walk we are doing for Fetal hope on the 27th. I don't want to have to waddle in last there. I guess that is my competitive side that would rather be running the race then walking it... but no running allowed! I know that would not be so good at this point.

Some one asked my mom if I was eating enough for two. Oh my, if I ate enough for two I would be twice as big right now. They actually suggest only a 200 calorie difference is needed for pregnant women... not eating twice as much. I have added healthy snacks and I am trying to get better at avoiding my cravings.

Last week at the fair we got a vitamix blender so that we would be able to make our own baby food. So in order to practice that I have begun to make juices, frozen yogurts, and soups with it. I even made some organic strawberry ices cream for my niece. She loved it and it was healthy too! Just frozen strawberries, a cup of low fat milk, a couple squirts of agave nectar and some vanilla. Yummy. That made about 4 serving sizes and was enjoyed by many.... including a little for Asher! Today he got some carrot apple juice for breakfast. The nice thing about the vitamix is that it uses all the fruit and veggie so it retains all the fiber which is great for Asher... and for me too. It does make an extremely thick juice though.

Asher is a mover! I think because he has fluid I can feel him so much more then Nels. He moves a lot. I used to do the kick count thing with Nels and it would take a long time to get up to the required 10... which at the time I thought was supposed to be the daily total... not the total of a 2 hour period. Asher definitely has no kick problems at this point. In fact at times I have counted 10 kicks in as little as 5 minutes. He does sleep at night now though. I read that they can tell the difference between light and dark at 26 weeks. I have noticed that Asher is much more active in the day then at night. He was bouncing off the womb this morning.

It makes me happy when he moves because then I know he is ok. Thank you Lord for the movement! I do have a tendency to poke at Asher during the night when I wake up though if he is not moving. I get concerned about how I am laying and if it is effecting him or not. I do have a special pillow though that is supposed to keep me in the right position for him, but it doesn't always work.

The sunshine just peaked out from behind the clouds and guess what? Asher kicked. I guess there is something to the fact that he can tell the difference between light and dark. That is pretty cool.

The next appointment for Asher isn't until the 22nd. I think I may have to take one of those glucose tolerance tests that day as it will be my 28th week. I am not looking forward to that. With Nels I had to take the long test... because I was low on the carb scale the week I took the test. This time I am going to be prepared hopefully and not have to do the 3 hour test.

Hopefully we will find out more about what way the placenta is going too. I hope that it is going up but I know that if it is not and that it is going down still that they will still be able to get Asher out... just not the natural way. I would prefer natural though... that is for sure! After the next appointment my appointments will be closer together which will be nice. Less stress for me means less stress for Asher.

Lord God, I thank you for getting Asher to 26 weeks. I thank you for each day with him! Lord I pray that you will prepare him and me for his birth sometime in November. Lord I know that you are the author and perfecter of life and that you have Asher in your hands. Lord lead me and guide me so that I may do what is best for Asher and help him grow strong and healthy. Lord help me to feed him what he need nutritionally and help me to keep him safe as he grows inside. Lord I ask that you help me to not gain anymore weight as I feel overly weighed down and yet still help Asher to keep growing. I know that with you all things are possible! Thank you Lord for working in our lives and thank you so much for this blessing of life! In Jesus name, amen!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I just reread my tag line.

Today I was going to write about how much I have been missing baby Nels this last week but after reading my tag line I decided I needed to write about something else.


This statement has been on the top of our blog for as long as we have had it. It was by God's grace that we were able to conceive our precious baby Asher and baby B. It was by God's grace that when we lost baby B that Asher held on and has grown. It was by God's grace that despite the calcium spot on Asher's heart it does not seem to be causing him any harm.

With all the overwhelming emotions I have gone through lately I have forgotten to remember that each day with Asher is a blessing and a miracle. I know that I need to praise God more for the little miracles!

God has blessed us greatly! Asher moves way more then his older brother Nels ever did. He moves several times a day which brings me peace. It is especially a blessing that if I poke him he will poke back. I have heard that that doesn't always happen. Some baby's don't mind the bumps of the day... but my pokes a pleas make Asher move. It helps me feel safer and gives me more and more hope for Asher.

Lord God, I praise you right now for Asher. I thank you for the miracle you preformed keeping him inside and growing him past the 24 week viability time. Lord, I bless you and praise you for each movement that Asher has. God you have given us so much! Thank you for blessing us with this time with Asher. We give you all the glory and ask that you continue to lead and guide our steps as we get closer to his time of birth. In Jesus name, amen!