Thursday, November 3, 2011

Asher's First Hair Cut

I can't believe my little miracle is growing up so fast! A couple of weeks ago he got his very first hair cut and 2 weeks from now he will be two! Wow time flies! I want to press a pause button some time! I love him so much and can't wait to see what a wonderful person he will grow into but sometimes I miss my tiny little baby!

Asher's first hair cut went relatively well. No huge screaming or crying which is a blessing! We had seen a child getting their first haircut in the mall a couple months ago who was screaming so hard that I worried about getting Asher's cut and kept putting it off!

But it had to be done! Asher isn't Sampson so his hair doesn't hold his power! It was starting to tangle and get matted in the back which was very hard to get out. I even cut out a piece after a bath one day. I was bummed when most people told me that his little curls would go away once we cut his hair for the first time... but this did not happen! Yay!!! His hair still has a little bit of a wave to it! So cute!

Asher sat on his dad's lap for his hair cut and overall did pretty well! Bye Bye long locks... hello big boy hair do! Wow what a difference a haircut makes!