Thursday, September 24, 2009

4:30 wake up call a note to Asher

Good morning Asher! Not so sure why you wanted me up this early this morning but I figured it would be a good idea for me to give a report on you while I was up.

After going to the doctor on Tuesday, wednesday was a little scary. In the morning my BP was up further... passed the cut of line for hypertension. So I decided to take it easy all day and just keep track of everything you did and everything I felt.

I listened to your heart beat twice yesterday to check on you. It was a little slower then before but still mostly in the normal range. Keep your heart going good little Asher. Mommy will try to get her heart working better too!

I kept track of contractions as well. Thankfully there were no times when there were 6 in an hour. In fact I think the most was 3. I am having one now though just sitting here drinking my water.

Last night when daddy took me to get my blood pressure taken he did his first. Daddy's blood pressure was fine... so we know that the machine was working. Then mommy took hers and it was up even more. The top # didn't change too much from the morning but the bottom one went up to 99. That's not good sweetie. Mommy needs to fix this fast so you can stay in and grow happy and healthy.

I love you Asher and I want you to be a good boy and keep growing. I have asked Jesus to keep a hedge of protection around you and to keep you safe. Daddy is keeping an eye on mommy and promised to make sure she gets help if she gets a head ache or sees flashes like the doctor said.

I will take my blood pressure again this morning later on when the rite aid opens. Mommy's hands and feet aren't puffy though so that is good. Just a wee bit of heartburn going on making it hard to drink the water right now. But I am doing it for you little guy!

My greatest fear is that I will miss a something and not go in to get help when I need to. I would hate for anything to happen because I am not aware. So I am doing some extra research today and I am going to take that 12 hour pee test the doctor wants me to take tonight.

The doctor said that the glucose labs came back normal! Praise God. No three hour test for you little one! That is good new huh! Mommy can't keep that orange stuff down anyways... it is so unnatural to drink that much sugar.

So for now little guy, you keep being good and mommy will do her best to be good too! I think mommy needs to finish her water and go lay back down for awhile .... even though your awake and kicking.... because now there have been two contractions just sitting here in the last 15 minutes. I have to take care of you by laying low little one.

I love you Asher, I can't wait to see you and hold you in my arms! But please wait a little while longer... you need to bake some more!

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