Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally something good! :)

Today was the day I turned in my 12 hour test and did my 3 hour glucose test. Chris and I speant the morning at UW medical center doing blood tests and walking around the area. Since I had a blood test every hour it was important for me to stay close so we mostly walked across to the ship canal and went to the sculpture area near the surgery pavilion.

When I arrived I started out getting my first blood draw. This one was for the 12 pee test though... and one to base my glucose test off of. Then I got poked an additional 3 times in 3 hours. Chris had fun taking pictures of me and all my pokes. So I posed for him.

After all the tests we went out to lunch at one of our favorite gluten free places in Seattle. Getting up peeing all night made me really tired so we decided to go home after stopping at the gluten free bakery for Lemon bars and head home for a nap.

When I woke up from my nap at 3 I called in for my results. I got no response. So an hour later I called again... still no response. I was getting frustrated and worried. Chris said just to stay laying down to help lower my BP. So I followed his directions. I called again at 10 minutes until the office called and finally they gave me someone to talk to. The nurse said that I passed all of the glucose tests... all 4 blood tests were fine. Yay! Praise God! I passed something!

Then I asked about the 12 hour test. It was less clear. The blood part of the 12 hour test was fine. They said that the blood creatinine was normal. There was no protein in the urine, which is a good thing but there was increased creatinine in the urine. The nurse was not sure what this meant. So I looked online and really could figure out what she was talking about from that.

Then the second nurse called back.... after hours. Since I had already gotten the results I asked her more specifically about the pee test. She assumed that I was on BP meds already. Which I am not. She said that since there was no protein that was good, and that the blood creatinine showed that the kidneys were working. She said though that the urine creatinine was at an elevated level but that this didn't show kidney damage.

So basically I still don't know the total out come of the 12 hour test... just that I will probably be on medication starting after next tuesday.

My blood pressure was still up tonight when I took it, but it was better then last night. That is good! Maybe everything will just start going right now. Maybe I passed a bigger test then just these medical tests.

Thank you God for helping me to pass the glucose test today. Please keep baby Asher safe and keep me safe too. Lord help the doctors to know what is going on with me and to treat me and Asher the best way possible. In Jesus name amen!

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  1. You hit the nail on the head there where you say: "Maybe I passed a bigger test than just these medical tests." It seems so much like everything about this miracle pregnancy has been a test of faith for you, and for us watching too. But God knows and He has trusted you with Asher. I am sure of one thing - God loves YOU and ASHER. I pray all the best for both of you. Can't wait to meet your little man - although I can wait another 10 weeks!!!!!!!!!! We don't want him coming too early...
    God bless. xx