Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My insurance nurse was overreacting!

Last night I got a call from my insurance nurse who has been checking up with me through out this pregnancy. She asked all the normal questions and then asked about contractions.

I told her that I had been having some irregular contractions like braxton hick ones for the last couple weeks. She kind of freaked out. She told me that braxton hicks shouldn't start until 36 weeks and anytime I have a contraction I should drink lots of water and lay down. She said that at this stage they would be considered regular contractions not braxton hicks.

I don't know that she has it right. I thought that if they were not time-able and were just one every once in awhile that it was just your body's way of preparing. So I did some more research. What I found said that they could start earlier then 36 weeks but if you got more then 4 in an hour that they were regular ones and to contact the doctor.

So not having more then 4 hour at any given time... at least I don't think so... I think I am ok to go with the fact that they are probably the hick kind.

The nurse wanted me to call the doctor right away when I had one. I am not so sure that my doctors office would appreciate a call about one contraction. My next appointment is a week from today... so I will just wait and talk to my doctor about it then. I am not too concerned. I did have contractions from 29 weeks on off and on with Nels. Some were barely contractions... but since I was on a monitor I got to see what they were better.

Maybe because of that I am more aware of what is going on then most. I guess I could be overly sensitive to knowing when there is a contraction. I am sure others have them too and don't have early babies.

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  1. I think you are probably right, most people won't really know that they are feeling and may pass it as a tummy cramp or backach. I will pray all is well and the doctor will not be unduly concerned. Blessings. xx