Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8 days until I see my little miracle again.

It hasn't been a week yet since my last appointment and I am already wishing my next one was sooner.  I can't imagine what it would have been like to be pregnant before ultrasounds.  I think with my history I would just about be going nuts at this point if I hadn't been able to see my precious little miracle moving around and see the flicker of the heart beat.

I know in my heart that I need to trust God to keep my precious little one safe.  I also know that faith doesn't come by seeing the baby... but by believing it is under God's protection and that he is forming it in every way!  God know's every little detail of this precious miracle.  He knows how everything is going together. He sees everything happening in the womb much better then an ultrasound machine.  Be breathed life into my precious little one and is keeping that precious heart beating.

What a miracle this is to have life placed inside.  A precious treasure.  A gift from God.

I have 8 more days before my next ultrasound.  It will be the first one that my husband has been able to see.  He was able to take off the whole day to spend with me.  We are going down to the hospital and get the ultrasound... then I have an appointment to get some blood drawn.  

After that we are going to spend the day celebrating our miracle!  We are going to go to the zoo to see the new penguin exhibit, and then to Romio's for gluten free pizza!  Yeah!  

I am really looking forward to this day with Chris and the baby.  I know that before my other ultrasound I was extremely nervous.  But this time is different.  I feel safer now.  I am almost to my second trimester and will be on the day of my ultrasound.  What a blessing that is!

The scan that I am having done at 13 weeks (my next ultrasound) is a Nuchal Translucency Scan.  It is generally to used for people over 35 to check for genetic issues.  For me they are going to check out some extra parts as well... because of the PUV baby Nels had.  They will check the bladder really carefully and the kidneys.  Plus all the normal organs and parts that they would normally check during the scan.  It may be possible to see the sex of the baby... if the baby cooperates.  But it is still early so it may not be totally clear yet.  We are hoping that it will be clearly a girl so it will not have any chance of the PUV that baby Nels had.

We are also praying that everything else looks good too!  We did do this test with Nels.  They told us everything looked good... but they had not looked at his bladder or kidneys well.  If they had we might have a totally different story right now.  But God knew best for baby Nels and he is safe and whole in heaven.

God, I thank you that you have a hedge of protection around our precious little miracle.  I pray that when we have the scan done at 13 weeks we will be able to see all the baby's parts and that they will be growing happy and healthy.  I also pray that you keep the baby's heart beating well and that you continue to form it beautifully in the womb.  Lord, please let us see that this baby is a healthy little girl and that she is going to be born.  We need your hope Lord to press on.  We are holding on to your grace, mercy and miracles right now for this precious child.  Thank you God for all that you are doing!  Please keep my heart at peace for the next 8 days as I wait to see my little one.  In Jesus name, amen!

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  1. I pray for healthy parts too. It was my 11 week ultrasound that the tech and doctor saw something "funny" but didn't know what...so they had ordered one for 16 weeks. Toes crossed and hands folded for ya!