Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our 14 week appointment

We had our latest appointment with the doctor on Thursday the 18th of June to go over the ultrasound results from the week before.  I was concerned and had lots of questions.

One of my biggest questions was if the Fibroid that they told me was liquifying would do anything to harm the baby or block the baby from coming out later as it is near my cervix.  My doctor assured me that it was good that it was liquifying and that it would go away because of that.  Also she said that it would not block the baby from coming out. That was sure a good thing to hear.

My second big question was about the baby's bladder on the ultrasound at 13 weeks.  She brought the ultrasound pictures up on her computer and couldn't really see the bladder or it's shape very much so she said that she would do a quick ultrasound herself to show me what she see.  She found the bladder and instead of looking like a skinny line this time it looked like a little round dot.  That was so much better to me.

I asked her next about the amount of amniotic fluid.  To me it seem a little less then the same time with baby Nels and he had PUV so this concerned me.  She assured me that the amount of amniotic fluid was completely normal.  It almost makes me wonder if maybe God had added a little extra for baby Nels so that he would be able to have enough so that he would breath for his hour.  I guess that is the best answer for me.

I also asked her about the P17 shots that my insurance nurse had talked about.  My doctor told me that all my blood tests came back good and that I did not need them.  Praise God!!!!  Having to do a shot every week would have been a pain, but it would have been something I would have gladly done if I needed to for this precious little miracle.

When the doctor was doing the ultrasound the baby was dancing, as my doctor said, and then decided it need to strike some poses.  The baby started out waving arms and feet and the decided that it need to do some relaxing.  It actually crossed it hands and put them behind it's head then put it's feet up like it was relaxing in a lounge chair.  It was very cute.  I wish I had a picture of it to share.  

The thing I was hoping for most was that we would be able to do an ultrasound at 16 weeks to not only check the bladder but to also check the baby's gender.  Unfortunately she said no.  Her reasons were two fold.  Firstly... my main reason was to check the bladder in case there was any signs of PUV so that they could do something about it.  I found out that my doctor had done some research about what can be done... also that she had done some of the PUV procedures before.  She told me that the ones I had talked about have a 70% fatality rate.  70%.... that is mind blowing.  I am so glad I got my time with Nels and that he did not end up in that 70%... but I feel bad for those who had to go through the procedures only to lose their precious little boys.  I know a couple of very strong women who have been through this and I admire their courage in facing what they have gone through.   The second reason... for checking gender... my doctor said would be better done at 18 weeks when it is more obvious.  I know that taking progesterone early in pregnancy can make the baby seem more masculine and since I was on it for the first 12 weeks I guess that maybe it would be better for me to wait.  Although I really wish I didn't have to wait.

So since everything looked good according to my doctor my next appointment is 4 weeks from last Thursday.... July 16th.  I will have two appointments in one day that day.  My doctor didn't want me to have to wait for her interpretation of my ultrasound results so She is having my 18 week ultrasound at 18w1 day and 2 hours later I will have an appointment with her.  

Waiting 4 weeks makes me so on edge.  I know I shouldn't be because according to the doctor everything is good.  I am so happy that everything is good but I can't help thinking that that was how it was with Nels before I found out about the PUV at almost 29 weeks.  I know that I can trust my doctor and I know that she is working in mine and the baby's best interest.  She said that she wants me to relax and enjoy the pregnancy more.

I guess I need to work on that this week.  Relax and Enjoy!  Two very difficult words for me but I will do my best with the help of God.  

I know that I could go off on my own and do a paid ultrasound at 16 weeks to check gender... but I really really really can't afford it right now as money is extremely tight.  It would put my heart so much at ease if I knew it was a baby girl... but for now I need to be happy knowing the baby is doing well.

This morning I did another doppler reading so that Chris, my husband, would be able to hear the baby's heart beat and hear it moving around a bit.  The baby was playing hide and seek from daddy.  I normally find the baby closer to my right hand side but today even though I got the beat for a tiny second on the right side it moved as far over on the left hand side as it could.  Since it was moving so much I had Chris put his hand on me so he could try and feel the movement as well.  What a wonderful blessing.  

I am glad I have the doppler, especially since my next appointment is a month away.  I am thankful that God has given me the ability to hear my precious little one move, and hear it's heart beating.  It is a blessing.

Thank you Lord God for the good report from the doctor.  Thank you for your blessings and for helping my baby grow happy and healthy.  Lord you have done so many wonderful things for me and have blessed me greatly.  Lord thank you for each precious moment I have with this baby.  I will do my best to treasure this time and to give you thanks for everything you are doing in me and the baby.  Thank you God for your love and mercy and grace!  Please make the next 4 weeks go quickly now.  In Jesus name, amen!


  1. I am so happy that things are going well for you. You truly deserve it. Please treasure this pregnancy, and enjoy yourself, as your doctor says. It is so cute about the baby kicking back and relaxing. How sweet.

  2. This was so amazing to read. I am really pleased the doctor has given you so much reassurance. I am sorry though you have to wait 4 weeks - I can only imagine how difficult that is going to be. I hope you will enjoy the next few weeks though - listening to Baby's heartbeat and movements on the doppler. I think the doppler purchase was a brilliant one! I might have to think of that if we are blessed to get pregnant. Miss chatting to you. Hope you are doing really well.
    Still in my prayers as ever. Carol xx

  3. Glad to hear everything is going so well Kristin! Keep up the good work - and you will be rewarded! I know it's hard to wait, but be thankful, for waiting a month in between means there is nothing to worry about! :)

  4. Carol, I am sorry haven't been on Chat or on FF much lately. It has been such a busy time with all the house selling stuff going on. Your right buying the doppler was a very good thing for me. It at least gives me baby sounds... even when it doesn't register the amount of the heart beat I can still usually hear it. I found out the reason for this was the anterior placenta... blocks the doppler from finding the heart beat easily. But the sounds are surely worth it! :) I will try and turn on my chat thing more. So that we can talk again. I want to hear about how things are going for you! :)

    Hi! :) Thank you! I am doing my best! Can't wait to get back down to Lake Stevens. That will be a stress reliever too. I think the move will keep me occupied for the weeks I have to wait. I surely do hope that everything is going well. I hope you and your family are all well!