Thursday, June 4, 2009

Online Pregnancy Quizes

Today just for fun I took a online pregnancy quiz to see if I would have a girl.  It was just for fun... and is made out of all these old wives tales.  I know that it is not scientific and that it doesn't prove anything and at this point only God knows if it is a girl.  It was fun though and gave me the answer that I am expecting a girl.

:) We have been thinking pink because we have had our little  boy and he had PUV.  We know that Girls can not have PUV.  This is one of our reasons we are thinking pink.  There are a couple others.  We also were prophesied over 10 years ago by several people that we would have a little girl who would dance for Jesus.  That is our greatest desire right now that our little miracle would worship the Lord.

Though it is fun to take these quiz's it is nice knowing that in a few weeks we should know the gender of our precious little miracle for sure!  I personally can't wait to find out!  I know that God has the best plans for this precious little one!

Dear Lord, I thank you for the fun I had with this quiz.  Lord I know better then to trust a quiz.  I know that you are forming our precious little miracle in the way that you wanted it formed.  Lord I trust you that you are building each part of this precious miracle happy and healthy.  In you alone Lord will I put my trust.  Not in test or measure... but in the wonder and grace of your mercy and love.  I Jesus name, amen!


  1. I loved taking tests like those when I was pregnant. Just good clean fun! I had strong girl feelings with Matthew. When I was pregnant with my first son, I was automatically attracted to all things boy...bedding, clothes, names. With Matthew it was the opposite. I'm excited to find out what you are having too!! Have you started on names? Thinking of a family name, biblical name, name with a special meaning? Names were always fun. :)

  2. We have a name picked out.... actually we had two names picked out. Cora Joy and Alexa Hannah.

    Cora is a name that we have had picked out for some time... It was the name we had picked if Nels was a girl. Joy is my mom's middle name. Cora means Gift. So you put the two together it means gift of Joy.

    Alexa Hannah was picked out incase we had a twin. Which oddly enough we did. But the name just didn't seem to fit her when we found out about her. I call baby B a her... I don't know why. But didn't want to name the baby a totally girl name. That's why we name baby B a description instead.

    We don't have any boys names picked out at all this time. We used family names for Nels. I guess we are just focusing on pink at this point. :)

    You know with those test things... I did them with Nels too.... and all of them turned out right! So I am hoping that these ones are right too!