Thursday, July 30, 2009

Asher is at 20 weeks now too hot and listening to music!

Yesterday Asher was at 20 weeks and the temperature in Lake Stevens was 105!  It was a record breaking heat day in Washington.  So very hot!  It was the hottest day on record in the Seattle area.  To keep cool I shut all the windows, and all the shades, and then turned on the fan! To keep our pugmoo Honey cool I hosed her down twice with cold water. It got to 90 degrees inside the duplex we are staying in.  Very hot.  So by the time Chris got home I was ready for some air conditioning.  We decided to head to the mall to get some air conditioning.  My brother and his family met us there too.  Loeli, my niece played in the kids area while we all sat under a vent.  It was much cooler then home.  Then at night I took cold showers because it was very hard to sleep.  I don’t think Asher liked the heat.  

He didn’t sleep much until it was cooler this morning.  It got down to 78 degrees down stairs so it was probably at least 83 upstairs.  I decided to use my doppler to check on Asher this morning.  His heart was beating 152 and he was sleeping... no kick or hit noises and no hiccups.  Poor little guy was probably tired out from all the heat of the day before.  To cool him off more this morning I took another cold shower.  I wanted him to have a good start for the day.

It is supposed to be a couple degrees cooler today... but the cloud cover that was supposed to cool it down has already burned off.  So the windows and shades are closed and the fans are on in attempts to keep it cooler in the house today.

Our next ultrasound will be next tuesday.  I am praying that everything will still be going well for Asher and that he will not get what his big brother Baby Nels had.  It is so hard to think about that.  Baby Nels was so precious to us...we always wish we would have had much more time with him.  That is why we are praying that Asher will be happy and healthy and spend a life time with us.

We registered Asher at Baby’s R Us on monday.  We already have the big items such as crib, car seat and stroller from Baby Nels... even though he didn’t get to use them.  Because of that we only registered for a few things that we thought might be useful for Asher.  Because of what happened with Nels though we have decided to only have the shower for him after he is born.  It was a difficult thing to think about.  The day after the first of my showers for Nels I ended up in the hospital for my 39 day stay.  I guess because of that showers make me nervous.  I felt so bad about all the gifts that Nels had received but that he would never get to use.  I wish he could have seen all the wonderful things that people had given him!  But at least he got to see one of his uncles, one cousin, one grandma and grandpa, his dad and his mom for a short time.

This time we want Asher to be able to see all the wonderful things and feel all the love of our friends and family.  More then then shower, we want him to grow up surrounded by love.  Nels had his short life full of love... we could have asked for no more for him then to only feel love.  For this reason we want to fill Asher’s life with that same love.  Of course there will be rule and structure in Asher’s life as well but we don’t ever want him to believe that we are punishing him out of spite... but only out of love.  The Bible says to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.  Teaching Asher all about the love of the Lord and about Jesus is so important to us.  

Today we played some music for Asher.  This is a part of our filling his life with love.  Chris and I both love making music.  We love to listen to music and we love to worship.  We would love for Asher to love these things as well.  We played 3 songs for him today, 1 Kutless song (mommy’s style), 1 Karen Davis song (daddy’s style) and one Paul Wilbur song (Kadosh, a worshipful song to God)!  He was asleep so he didn’t react much.  Plus this was the first music introduction.  Baby Nels prefered Kutless and the Hallelujah Chorus.  Maybe Asher will like different music.  I hope that he will like Kutless because that is one of my favorite bands right now, but if he likes quieter music that would be ok too!  I think I will introduce him to some soft music tomorrow.

We have special baby speakers for Asher, that we had bought for Nels.  It came with a little microphone to be able to talk to the baby as well.  We have been talking to and praying for Asher all along.  I am positive Nels recognized his daddies voice when he came out.  I would like Asher to be able to bond quickly with Chris as well.  That would be good for both of them.

Lord God, I thank you for the chance to carry this precious miracle Asher.  Lord please forgive me for my fears.  Help me to trust more in you and help me to walk closer to you Lord so that Asher will come to know you and your amazing love.  In Jesus name, Amen!


  1. Kristin, you are much in my prayers. I told the social worker Jan that you are at 20 weeks with another little boy and she too is wishing you and Asher well. I'm only sorry I won't be working here at the hospital still when you deliver, but glad I will able to stay connected through facebook. God is with you in all of this--he always has been and he promises to never leave you or forsake you. He loves you and he loves Asher so very much.

  2. Thank you Mollie,
    I wish you were still going to be there too! When is your last day?... or have you already had it. I know it was coming up soon. Have you found another position? Anyone would be blessed to hire you!