Friday, July 10, 2009

Allergy Scare

Last night before bed I got really itchy.  I asked my husband if there was something one my back... yes... hives!  I immediately asked him to put some hydrocortizone on me with out thinking.  Then I began to pray that the hyrocortizone wouldn't harm the baby.  I can deal with itching.  Then I began to be concerned about what could be causing the hives.

In 2007 I learned that I was gluten allergic and that it had been the cause of some very bad things in my health.  I have been doing my best to avoid all glutens during this pregnancy.  I did not want anything to happen to this precious little miracle because of a food.

Chris and I went over everything I ate for the last few days.  We couldn't really figure out what caused it.  My best guest was that it was a hidden gluten.  By the middle of the night the whole right side of my body had hives.

I had Chris pray for the baby and pray that the reaction would go away.  By the time I woke up this morning the hives were gone.  Praise God.  Chris was still concerned though and asked me to do a doppler check of the baby.  He was on his way to work so I decided to do the doppler before he would call me back.

I heard lots of hiccups and movement today but the heart rate was hard to find.  The placenta on top makes it hard to hear the heart beat some times.  I did hear it though and was able to tell Chris when he called.  He was relieved that I heard noises from our little miracle.

What a blessing it is to be able to check on the baby.  I was so stressed about the hives that I was thinking about calling the doctors office if they weren't gone by the morning.  Thankfully they were.  God is good!

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  1. God is good indeed. I hope the gives do not come back! I am filled with confidence that the Lord has protected your child, and all will be well with his/her health. God bless. xx