Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Waiting for results

I haven't been thinking about writing much in the last week or so. I was highly disappointed last friday when my H1N1 test was positive for a second time. I so much wanted out of quarantine and to see my husband for more then a few minutes.

With the positive test quarantine continues. That has been a challenge but thankfully I have gotten to see a couple people this week. Chris came on the weekend and visited for a few hours dressed up in the hazard suites the nurses and doctors wear. Then mom came today for Asher's ultrasound.

This morning I had my 3rd H1N1 test and I am praying that it will finally show negative. I know that all things are possible with God's help and I am going to patiently wait this time for the answer. It has been taking 2 days due to back ups in the lab that they have to send the test to. I should have the results by 5 pm tomorrow.

The other results I am waiting on today are the results from Asher's ultrasound this morning. I could see a huge difference in the amount of fluid but was told there was plenty there. I also saw that the placenta was still close to the cervix. The only difference there was that there was a baby's head down there and the cervix had definitely started shrinking in length and funneling at the top getting ready for Asher to come out. I have questions for the doctors about that but they haven't come in to give me the review yet. Hopefully soon.

One other good thing about Asher's position is that he is head down and his back is up! Yay!!!! That is the right position to be in Asher! Your such a good boy. Now just wait a couple more weeks and then you can make your grand entrance into the world. 2 tiny requests though baby boy... 1 pick your own day. Your cousin Loeli's birthday is the 30th and your brothers birthday is the 5th so if you could pick a different day then that I would greatly appreciate it! :) 2nd request... please please don't be born on the 31st. Mommy and daddy don't celebrate halloween and wouldn't want you to have to share your big day with that holiday either. We asked your big brother in heaven the same thing... and he skipped that day for us! :) We love you Asher.

God, thank you for Asher and for helping him grow. Lord I ask that you make the swine flu come back negative and that you help me to be able to reach out to other mom's here in the hospital. Lord please keep Asher safe during his birth and help him to be born after my flu results are negative. In Jesus name, Amen!

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  1. We don't celebrate Haloween either, so I completely see where you are coming from there. And it would be better for Asher to have a different birthday than Nels - you want Nels to have his own day to be remembered. I will join you in praying that Asher skips all those dates. He needs a date of his own.
    I also am praying for the H1N1 to come back negative. I know how you feel about that one, although they are nowhere near as cautious here about it. I am on Tamiflu and will be allowed to venture back into the world on Saturday - if I feel well enough. For the moment I am resting up, and spending a lot of time praying for so many people - you and Asher included.
    God bless xx