Thursday, October 22, 2009

32 week update! :)

Yesterday was Asher's 32 week ultrasound. Here is the picture we got. I know it isn't a very clear one and it is kind of a smooshed look but this shows Asher with his head on the right. His eyes were open so the are the two black slit looking things. Then his nose was smashed against me and both his hands are fisted up.

Asher is measuring in the upper 50%'s for his age range which is good! He is doing well at growing and is 4.9 lbs.... but the size could vary from 1 to 2 lbs. So he may be a bit smaller. The estimate the weight by measuring their tummy. If the squish it with the ultrasound machine it can expand it causing it to measure bigger. They were pressing down hard to get the measurement so Asher probably is a bit smaller then that.

Since this was a more powerful ultrasound then the last one they were able to see the EIF on his heart again. This was disappointing to hear as I had thought for the past 3 weeks that it was gone... but it is not gone at all. Hopefully it will go away fast.

I had a talk with my doctor today about the results. She said he is doing well and that there is enough fluid. The fluid concerned me because the medication I am on for my BP can cause the fluid to go down. The main concern right now is still the position of the placenta.

My doctor told me that it was still too low and that if Asher needs to be born soon it would have to be a c-section. I hate that idea... because I know that c-sections are worse for babies and are worse for mom's too. In emergency situations I know they are helpful but I do hope that my placenta will move so he can come out naturally.

I also talked to her about how the cervix looked on the ultrasound. She said at this point she would rather go by the finger measurements... which I feel is actually very inaccurate as different people have different sizes of fingers.

My doctor also told me that her plan was to try to keep me pregnant until the 18th of November. I told her I didn't think that Asher was going to go with that plan. She said that some women just contract a lot and that if the cervix doesn't change it is not a problem. She says I have a cervix of steal. Well... I think it is molten steal right now or at least very flexible rubberized steal.

In the picture above the top part is the placenta. As you can see, his head is pushing on the placenta and pushing it toward the cervix which is opened and funneling on the top. As I was talking to one of my nurses about it she said that could be why all the contractions. Him pressing on the placenta could be causing the contractions which makes him press on it more. That is not a good cycle to be in. It could cause placenta tears or abruption. I am praying that the placenta moves far away from his head. That doesn't seem to be happening though as it has barely moved or possibly not moved at all. Last ultrasound it was 1.2 cm away from the cervix and this time it measured 1.6 cm away but the cervix has thinned out so it actually may have moved down rather then up. If something happens to the placenta where I bleed Asher will be born right away.

I have a feeling that Asher will be born in the next couple weeks and not make it to the 18th of November. When my body felt this many contractions with Nels he was born the next day. But I had no fluid so things felt different then this time. I don't think he will be born tomorrow or even in the next couple days but I have a feeling it will be sooner then later.

Though I don't want a c-section, I can't wait to meet my little guy. He is active and a fighter. He has done so well on his monitoring so far. Today though they did note that the pattern on the monitor looked like something was going on with the placenta. (Hopefully it was just Asher pushing on it.) If they see a pattern starting to go bad there he will also have to be born right away.

I was taken out of quarantine today and my doctor is back from her conference so I am ready whenever God and Asher decide it is time. I am so glad to have my door back open and to be able to get visitors again. I hope I will get some soon. :) If they have art class today I will go to that so I can meet some of the other mom's. That would be nice.

Dear Lord God, I thank you for healing me of the flu and getting me out of quarantine before Asher was born. I praise you Lord for what you have done. Lord I ask that you help my placenta to move rapidly so that Asher can be born naturally. Lord I know that you are in control of this situation and that you will not leave me or forsake me. Lord please let Asher come out soon so nothing happens to his placenta that can cause him harm. Do not let him get hurt in this waiting time. Lord as you help the placenta to move, so help the contractions to do their job as well. Please Lord remove the EIF from Asher's heart and help his heart to continue to work the way it should. Lord prepare my body for the birthing process and make it a smooth process for Asher and I. In Jesus name, Amen!

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