Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What else?

Today during our 24 week ultrasound we got some more news that threw us off. Asher still has the EIF on his heart. It is very visible on the ultrasound pictures. I had them take a picture of it for Chris so that he would be able to see what I was talking about.


The ultrasound tech told us that most of the time, even if there was something bad going on, that the EIF will disappear before birth and that it does not effect the function of the heart. My doctor reassured me that it wasn't a problem and that Asher was doing really well.

He is now measuring right on schedule again. Everything measuring right for his age. That is good as well! What is concerning now is that the placenta is only 1 centimeter from my cervical Os... the whole where the baby will come out.

I would have asked my doctor more about it had she not been on call today. She got paged for an emergency right at the beginning of the appointment so not many questions were asked today. She did tell me though that baby Asher was at the viable stage now. What that means is if for some reason he had to be born right away he has a very good likelihood of survival now.

We did get some better profile pictures this time and Asher is now head down which is good too. He followed his mommies directions and turned over. Good job Asher! You are a smart little one! :)

So tonight I emailed some questions to my doctor. I had done some reading about the placenta being close to the cervix and it can cause some pretty major complications. Bleeding and survival issues for the baby as well as the mom. I hope that she will have time to answer my questions some time before my next appointment which isn't until the end of September.

One thing that it said on the internet was that if the placenta is too close and comes out before the baby then the baby will not make it. I hate thinking about that. I don't want to loss another little boy. I don't think I could handle that. I know God is ultimately in control but I keep getting more and more news that is scary.

Please God help my placenta move up quickly so that Asher won't be in danger! Fill me with your peace that passes understanding and help me to focus on what you want me to be doing right now in your service. In Jesus name Amen!


  1. I had a friend that had a similar problem with the placenta. It's called placenta previa...and her baby was delivered at 31 weeks by c-section. So if the placenta does not move up, then I'd imagine that a c-section would be a possibility. I hope everything goes smooth for you. You are in my prayers.

  2. Hi Kristin - I am so sorry that yet again your appointment brought about more stress. I truly believe that Asher is a fighter, destined to preach God's word and spread the fire of the Holy Spirit to other's lives. I get this strongly when I pray for him, and you and Chris. I trust that he will be born well into your loving arms.

    A story that I hope will bring some encouragement. A friend of mine from a previous church was in her early 40s when she learned that by surprise they were expecting baby number 3. The older 2 were 13 and 10 at the time. They learned that her placenta was the same as yours at the 20 week scan, and as they don't do any further scans here, she only found out rather late on - 37 weeks that the placenta was in the way. Not only this, but it was also lying towards the front, and even a C-section could result in her and baby dying. We all rallied round, and the day she went in for her planned C-section, we prayed endlessly. She had been told that there was extreme high risk on her life, and that of the child. Lucy was born successfully and Ruth had some rather major complications, but the hand of God was in the situation. She had 3 full body blood transfusions. I realise that sounds scary, but they are safe. Lucy is 3 years old now and Ruth is very well with no lasting problems.

    God will protect you and Asher - I am sure!
    Carol xx

  3. Hey,

    Dont freak out about everything you read on the internet. People will Placenta Previa have normal deliveries without many complications all the time. Try not to worry, its not good for Asher.