Thursday, August 6, 2009

Asher at 21 weeks news of an EIF

On Tuesday we had the 21 week ultrasound for Asher.  The first thing they took pictures of was  his heart... then his head... then back to his heart.  They told me that his heart rate was 154.   Next they looked at his kidneys and bladder and said that they looked healthy.  They then showed me his boy parts once again to prove to me he was who we named him.  I didn’t really see the parts in the last ultrasound.  I was too upset to look.

After that they went back to his heart.  I figured they were just looking at different parts of the heart at first... but with more and more pictures taken of the heart I began to be concerned.  My mom asked if the heart looked ok.  The ultrasound tech said yes it looks fine and then went on to measure his legs and his belly. 

Then as always the ultrasound tech went out to talk to the radiologist about the pictures to make sure they are all what they needed and that the pictures are good.  Well, when she came back in she said she needed more pictures.  I asked her also to take some pictures for Chris because she hadn’t given me any or taken any cute pictures of Asher.

So when she began again she went straight to the heart again.  I knew in my spirit that something was wrong and that there was something in the heart that they were looking at even though they wouldn’t say anything about it.  My heart sank.  So my Asher’s kidneys and bladder looked good but something is wrong in his heart... why are my little boys under attack.  What is wrong this time?

When I got in my doctors office for the doctor’s visit after the ultrasound she said the baby looked good and that he was doing good.  I then asked about his heart.  My doctor  said she didn’t want to tell me about it and have me worry but since I asked she told me that Asher has an Echocentric Intracardiac Focus.

EIF is normally associated with an increased risk for Downs Syndrome and Trisomy 18.  It however can be associated with other genetic disorders as well.  

My Doctor told me that since I had the integrated screening earlier that tests for genetic disorders that this EIF is just like a genetic marker no different then having blue eyes.  I of course was not satisfied with this answer and wanted to research more... but with lack of internet I knew that it would take a while and I wouldn’t be able to do it until the next day.  So I went to the library Wednesday to look up EIF online.  

I wasn’t able to do in-depth research yet but from what I have found Downs Syndrome is not the only thing at EIF is a marker for but it is a major one for Downs.  But there needs to be more markers to make it a diagnosis.  

My doctor went over my integrated blood screen with me to show me that it wasn’t very likely that Asher would have Downs.  She told me at my age chances are 1 in 100 for Downs.  Then She told me that my blood tests gave me the results of 1 in 7000 but that the EIF made it down to a 1 in 6500 chance.

1 in 6500 doesn’t seem like a very big chance to most people I am sure... especially compared with my age risk factor which was 1 in 100.  To me though it is a very scary thought.  When we found out that baby Nels had PUV that was a 1 in 8000 chance.  1 in 8000 is bigger then 1 in 6500.  

Then my doctor told me that there needs to be other markers for it to mean anything.  She said my blood tests would have been different and that they would be looking for slow growth in the baby.  Short arms and legs.  This is one area that makes me feel a little better.  Asher’s leg measurements were almost 2 weeks ahead!  My doctor told me that he’s a tall boy.  Long legs!  Grow Asher Grow!  Although they will be keeping an eye on his measurements for me.  So now not only will they be doing close looks at the Kidneys and bladder to make sure he doesn’t get PUV but they will be also be looking at his heart to make sure nothing goes wrong there.

I know that we really need to trust in God on this and pray that Asher’s heart will heal and that the EIF will go away.  I did some reading that said that EIF’s could go away by the third trimester.  My next ultrasound isn’t for 4 weeks.  That is a long time for me to wait.  I know that I will be busy during those weeks getting our home ready for Asher so I think that will help... but I really wish there was something that can be done sooner.

They keep telling me that to really measure growth well you have to wait four weeks.  So this time 4 weeks is what we got.  My doctor said that if there was any problems that I could always come in before then.  I am praying for no problems.

Lord God, I come to you in the name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ your son and ask for you to do a mighty work in baby Asher’s life.  Lord I ask that you heal him and set him free from the EIF.  Lord Please make the calcium deposit disappear and make his heart strong and healthy.  Give him a healthy life filled with your grace, mercy and love Lord.  Help him to grow up to be a man who worships and praises you.  In Jesus name, Amen!


  1. Wow Kristin - I am amazed at how much is being thrown your way to deal with. Trust in the Lord to be your strength! I am so very sorry that there is a scare like this. I am trusting with you in the Lord for healing for your heart as well as Asher's. He will be a well child by God's grace, and you will be a wonderful Mother! God bless you both in the next 4 weeks as you focus on getting the home ready for your son. I do pray that there will be healing evident at your next appointment. Carol xx

  2. My sons name is Asher. Beautiful boy name. :)