Friday, January 15, 2010

Asher has learned to sleep!

I have been postponing putting this blog on because I did not want to jump the gun on the sleeping issue. As you all know Asher has had some challenges with sleeping. Some days he only slept 6 to 7 hours total. Well it seems as if a sleeping switch has gone off in Asher. He has been sleeping much better since the day he turned 2 months!

On his two month big day Asher slept 4 hours straight that night! We were amazed! Happy!!! And felt so blessed to get our 3.5 hours of sleep in a row! It was wonderful!! Then the next day.... he slept 6 hours!!! Wow we figured we had a really good thing going then! The day after.... 7 hours.... and he would have kept sleeping had we not woken him up to feed him at 4:30 am. Same thing last night 7 hours!!

We are praying that it continues. He seems to be much happier now that he is sleeping better!!! Praise God!

So how did the miracle of the sleep happen? Did we do anything special?

Yes, we did.

1. We put Asher back on his NICU feeding schedule but flexed it a little when he was extra hungry...or when we had other things scheduled.

2. We prayed over Asher during his 9pm feeding and read sleeping Bible verses over him.

3. We kept it darker in the house in the evenings to get him ready to sleep.

4. We have a sound machine in his room that plays rain sounds.

5. After his 9 o'clock feeding we let him sleep as long as he could until feeding him next. (up until a few days ago the most was 2.5 hours)

6. We kept feedings quiet at night with no playing afterwards.

7. We put him in bed while still drowsy but quiet so he would learn to self sooth a little.

8. We put him in his crib in his own room. He liked the mattress better then the bassinet one and slept better when I wasn't leaning over looking at him at every noise.

9. We made sure he was burped, diapered and happily fed before bed time.

10. After hi 6pm feeding we played cuddled and interacted with him... some times stories, dancing, singing or baths.

11. I took all known allergens out of my diet. No milk, soy, nuts, wheat, or fish.

Now I am not going to say that this is the perfect way to get babies to sleep more. It is simply just what has worked for Asher so far. We know that at some point we may have to make adjustments, but for now this is what is working!

Thank you Lord God for giving Asher the ability to sleep more! Thank you for helping him to get more and more rest and for helping him to be happier in general. Lord continue to help Asher to get the sleep he needs and in turn helping Chris and I get sleep as well! In Jesus name Amen!

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  1. Hi Kristen,

    I have to say congrats on Baby Asher! I also have to apologize for being so belated. I'm been disconnected from all social netoworking for the last three months. I'm not really sure why- I'd have to say the main reason is being busy. School and working full time now. But anyways, I am very happy for you both and that you have a beautiful, healthy little boy, and a big brother beaming from Heaven.

    Love to you,