Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In awe of some special mom's!

Lately I have found myself in awe of some very special mom's! After starting the PUV group I have met some very wonderful women who are taking care of their special little ones who have PUV. Their daily challenges are so much more then my little issues with Asher. They have some much more that they have to do to take care of their special little ones... and they do it with such grace.

True I might not get to see when they are really frustrated and I am sure they have their moments but these women are so strong.

Karen, you are a beacon of light in this darkened world! You have done so much for Matthew and have pressed so hard to get him the help and care he needs. All this you do while balancing your family life and spending time with your other son and your husband. Your journey has been so astounding to me. I don't know if I could have been as strong as you are. Your courage and hope brings be courage to press on with my daily tasks. I just want you to know that I think you are a great roll model for mom's everywhere.

Michelle, you are such a great mom! You take such good care of all of your children and have been such a great advocate for baby E. You have overcome much and keep pressing on to get the help your son needs so much. Even with more and more hurdles you have perservered. Your natural ways are so wonderful to me. Cloth diapers and breast feeding while soar is such a wonderful thing for your baby. I wish I could be as strong as you. I wish I was able to do things as naturally for Asher! I want you to know that I think you are so courageous in all you do pressing for help for baby E in a system that does not give you the help you need!

Stephanie, you have over come so much pain to be able to help so many people. You are a great mom to Vashon and I am sure that Vayden is so proud of all you have done in his name. I know that you have done so much to help others through their hard times. Keep pressing on my friend. I know you get frustrated at times but you are so strong! You are a great mom!

There are so many more mom's that I think have done such a wonderful job in the face of adversity and in their whole families. Some with PUV and some with other challenges. Georgi, you have done much to help others. Kelly, you are so sweet and even in your loss were strong. Jaimee, you are so good to your kids, helping them find an alternative schooling system when your schools let your kids down. Tessa, wow, advocate supreme. Lisa, I don't know how you do it with all your lovely kids! You are such a great mom! Stacey, you are a great roll model too. You have raised your boys well and now have been blessed with two little girls to raise as your own. I don't know how you do it.... but I am so glad you do. It inspires me to know that you are reaching out to others. Gail, you are such a good mom!

Please know that even if your name is not listed here and you are a mom, that I think you are wonderful. I never knew how much being a mom would tear at my heart strings and how much work it really was. I am in awe of any mom who has more then one child and don't know how you do it. I have a hard enough time with my one little one. Though I still wish I had both of them here with me today.

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't add my own mom to the list! Thank you mom for all your help, support and strength. You are a wonderful and strong mom!

Thank you all for your friendship and strength!

Dear Lord, please hold all my friends and family who are mom's in your hands. Help each one to be the best mom they can be. Bless each one with strength, hope, love and perserverance. In Jesus name, amen!


  1. Kristin,
    I don't know if you got my message on facebook, but I have a subchorionic hematoma. It is bad. We heard the precious little heartbeat today, but it is a bit slow. The hematoma is huge and the nurse is not optimistic. Can you please visit my blog and pray for me? Thank you so much Kristin.

  2. My Darling Kristin...you forgot to put yourself at the very top of the list...you are also a wonderful mom of a baby with PUV!!!

    I know what life will be like for you right now. You will have people expecting you to be supermom to Asher and be up dressed, makeup on and ready to recieve guests at a moments notice, expect you to be replying to emails, cooking up a storm and generally coping as if Asher were just a new purchase like a handbag that doesn't require any extra energy. They will expect you to be beaming full of smiles and to look like you have had 8 hours sleep ;-) ...these people either never had children or have a selective memory as to what parenting is like let alone have walked in your shoes. Every milestone be it good or bad you are also going through a new form of grief for Nels. I am not sure if you know but I also had Baby Jamie who was born at 28 weeks and lived for only a few minutes. Then my pregnancy with Sophie I lost her twin sister Hannah from Twin to Twin Transfusion. As well as my other second trimester miscarriages. For me every other pregnancy and pregnancy loss was a challenge to get past certain dates etc. that sometimes it consumed me. Watching Sophie grow up I am constantly reminded that I should be seeing touble and now I am also filled with guilt that I am watching Elijah grow up with such an average quality of life but helpless to "fix" him. Last night I didn't sleep a wink as he has a kidney infection (his one remaining damaged kidney) that has travelled to his spinal fluid. He is in pain and screaming and arching his back. I feel like such a bad mother that all I can offer him is Tylenol and even then he isn't allowed a full dose as it can also damage his kidney :-( So if you think we are perfect...we're not...we are just human! I am not about to tell you to "get over it" I have had this said to me and know how much those words can hurt... instead I can offer these words...Ecclesiastes 7:14 I am feeling guilty today of praying hard when times are hard and whilst Elijah has been in so much pain then was embarrased today when sitting at the beach watching Sophie surf and remembered that I should also be praying in the "good times". I am so thankful for today where we could be an almost normal family. Take care! I wish I was closer to come and give you a hug.

    Love Michelle, Sophie, Michael and Elijah

  3. You are so amazing. you are an awesome mom too. love you