Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now we are having fun!

The last few weeks with Asher have been amazing. He is changing so much each day! He loves to smile and talk now and really enjoys his reality TV time with daddy. I know TV is not a good thing to get him used to but Chris has been holding him and watching "Amazing Race" and "Survivor" with Asher. They both seem to be having a good time doing it too!

Asher has kept his sleep going and only had one bumpy night where he woke up at 3 and didn't go back to sleep until 5:30. Other then that he has had 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night which is a true blessing for Chris and I. It is also good for Asher too! He is a growing boy!

On the last two weekends we have taken Asher to the zoo! Yay!!! What a wonderful family activity! Chris and I bought the zoo membership and aquarium membership for the year. That will give us lots of fun activity times with Asher. He will get to see the animals and learn all about them while he is young. Plus we will be able to spend quality family time together.

Last weekend we went with my college room mate Gail and her two kids. That was a lot of fun! It is nice to get out with others as well. Not having children we missed out on doing activities with other families quite a bit. Now with Asher opportunities to go out with others are opening up a bit more.

Asher is sitting in his swing playing with his new horse toy as I type. He is doing much better in the swing then before... although he still doesn't like it that much. He would prefer to be held all the time during the day. I don't blame him... I love the snuggle time.

My parents have been in Yuma for the past couple weeks so Asher and I have gone out quite a bit on our own. We went to the outlet mall a couple times, to target several times and to the bank. It is getting easier to take Asher out. He has a good nap time in the morning that makes it easy to get things done.

What a blessing he is. I am so glad that I have more time to enjoy him now. I praise God for my little one and for helping me to be able to have good time with him. Each day is a wonderful adventure and a blessing.

This week he will turn 4 months old. That is amazing! The first 3 months seemed to drag... but this last month has flown.

Lord God, I thank you for the blessing of Asher. I thank you that you are working in his life daily and that you are helping him to grow and blossom. Lord lead and I guide me as I help Asher to grow into the person you have created. Lord hold him in your hands, keep him safe and help him to continue to do well! In Jesus name, amen!

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