Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Can't believe our little miracle is 3 years old!

Asher turned 3 last November!  There are days that I wonder where the time went and wonder how how time could speed up as he gets older... I want to freeze time!

Just this morning Asher woke up and wanted snuggle time!  Yay!  Mommy loves snuggle time!  For half an hour he snuggled in my arms and we discussed everything from what you call your ankle to adding numbers.  He is so smart... and I am so proud of my little guy!  I know snuggle time won't always happen so I am trying to treasure each moment and thank God for precious times like this!

Celebrating God's grace and mercy in my life has become even more important now that Asher is growing up strong and healthy!  He's no longer my little tiny premmie... he is tall healthy and happy!  What a huge blessing that is!

Chris and I had wanted to have another sibling for Asher... but I am getting older which makes me wonder if it will ever happen.  If it is God's will that another miracle comes in our lives to grow up with Asher it would have to happen quickly.  But no matter what we will continue to treasure each moment with our treasure here on earth and remember all our treasures that are waiting for us in heaven.

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