Wednesday, June 24, 2009

15 weeks today!

Today this little miracle is 15 weeks!!!!  Wow, how amazing is that!  What a blessing!  Now we need this precious little one to keep growing at least until it is as old as baby Nels was if not a few weeks older... which would be nice!

We have 3 weeks left of our think pink campaign and then we will know for sure if the baby is a girl.  This would be a huge relief to me as I just read something on my ultrasound report that concerned me.  

My doctor didn't bring it up but it appears my placenta is Anterior.  What this means is that the placenta is on the top of the uterus towards the abdominal wall... kind of like the baby implanted up instead of towards the back which is more common.  So why does this concern me.  For one reason and one reason only... it makes it nearly impossible to do any kind of neonatal surgery if needed.  I am praying that this baby is completely healthy and happy and will not have the problems baby Nels had... but it does make me a bit concerned.

I know that God is in control.  I know that God works all things for good according to his glory.  I just pray that He is making this special little one healthy with all the parts growing right.  3 weeks and 1 day until my next ultrasound.  It seems so far away... but at least the house packing should keep me busy and my mind occupied for the next three weeks.  Only one week after that and we will be out of our home.  Such a busy time!

Chris has two weddings that the is in in July as well.  1 is a couple days after the ultrasound and one the day before we are closing our house.  He is going to be busy packing soon.  I think we need to get one of those pod things. 

Lord God, I thank you for the blessing of having this precious miracle be 15 weeks today.  Lord bless this child and protect it as it grows.  Lord please keep all it's parts growing correctly and happy and healthy.  Lord lead and guide our steps as we prepare to move and keep us ever focused on you and your will for our lives.  In Jesus name, amen!

We sold our house!

With in a week of our house being on the market we had and offer and accepted the second offer at 8 days!  What an amazing miracle of God.  That just doesn't happen in todays market.  Selling houses can take months and months.

Since this time we have gone through the main house inspection last night and now how a furnace cleaning and inspection tomorrow and a septic tank cleaning and inspection on Tuesday.  But the main inspection is done so nothing to do after these couple things.  

All that is left to do is to find and buy a new house and pack up all the stuff in our house and move it to the new one.  (Well me are moving into my parents duplex in Lake Stevens in the mean time... because it may not be so smooth like that.)  

This week we looked at a couple houses.  One on Sunday and one on Monday.  The one on Sunday felt really yucky inside.  It was falling apart, smelled like cat pee and looked like the people tortured cats by keeping them under a bench seat and locked in the pantry... both were all scratched up.  It was awful.  That real estate agent told us it would cost at least 20,000 to make it livable and it was already at the top of our range for expenses.  The second house we looked at Monday was better but had it's problems too.  Half melted microwave, Moldy wall in the bathroom, windows that needed to be replaced, a deck that was falling apart and it was right next to a busy road.

Tomorrow I am going out looking again with our New real estate person.  She is going to show me a few houses that I picked out of the ones she picked out.  I am praying that I will find one in that group and that it will be one that will except an offer.

Chris and I really want a home that is large enough so that we can expand the ministry and be able to bring people into our home for Bible study and worship.  That would be a dream come true for both of us.  We are praying that God will have the perfect house for us.

Dear Lord God, thank you for the speedy sale of our house.  Lord we ask that you help this process continue through and help it to go smoothly.  Please help us to pack up and be ready to move when we need to and help us to find the best house for our baby and our ministry.  Thank you Lord for all you are doing!  In Jesus name, Amen!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our 14 week appointment

We had our latest appointment with the doctor on Thursday the 18th of June to go over the ultrasound results from the week before.  I was concerned and had lots of questions.

One of my biggest questions was if the Fibroid that they told me was liquifying would do anything to harm the baby or block the baby from coming out later as it is near my cervix.  My doctor assured me that it was good that it was liquifying and that it would go away because of that.  Also she said that it would not block the baby from coming out. That was sure a good thing to hear.

My second big question was about the baby's bladder on the ultrasound at 13 weeks.  She brought the ultrasound pictures up on her computer and couldn't really see the bladder or it's shape very much so she said that she would do a quick ultrasound herself to show me what she see.  She found the bladder and instead of looking like a skinny line this time it looked like a little round dot.  That was so much better to me.

I asked her next about the amount of amniotic fluid.  To me it seem a little less then the same time with baby Nels and he had PUV so this concerned me.  She assured me that the amount of amniotic fluid was completely normal.  It almost makes me wonder if maybe God had added a little extra for baby Nels so that he would be able to have enough so that he would breath for his hour.  I guess that is the best answer for me.

I also asked her about the P17 shots that my insurance nurse had talked about.  My doctor told me that all my blood tests came back good and that I did not need them.  Praise God!!!!  Having to do a shot every week would have been a pain, but it would have been something I would have gladly done if I needed to for this precious little miracle.

When the doctor was doing the ultrasound the baby was dancing, as my doctor said, and then decided it need to strike some poses.  The baby started out waving arms and feet and the decided that it need to do some relaxing.  It actually crossed it hands and put them behind it's head then put it's feet up like it was relaxing in a lounge chair.  It was very cute.  I wish I had a picture of it to share.  

The thing I was hoping for most was that we would be able to do an ultrasound at 16 weeks to not only check the bladder but to also check the baby's gender.  Unfortunately she said no.  Her reasons were two fold.  Firstly... my main reason was to check the bladder in case there was any signs of PUV so that they could do something about it.  I found out that my doctor had done some research about what can be done... also that she had done some of the PUV procedures before.  She told me that the ones I had talked about have a 70% fatality rate.  70%.... that is mind blowing.  I am so glad I got my time with Nels and that he did not end up in that 70%... but I feel bad for those who had to go through the procedures only to lose their precious little boys.  I know a couple of very strong women who have been through this and I admire their courage in facing what they have gone through.   The second reason... for checking gender... my doctor said would be better done at 18 weeks when it is more obvious.  I know that taking progesterone early in pregnancy can make the baby seem more masculine and since I was on it for the first 12 weeks I guess that maybe it would be better for me to wait.  Although I really wish I didn't have to wait.

So since everything looked good according to my doctor my next appointment is 4 weeks from last Thursday.... July 16th.  I will have two appointments in one day that day.  My doctor didn't want me to have to wait for her interpretation of my ultrasound results so She is having my 18 week ultrasound at 18w1 day and 2 hours later I will have an appointment with her.  

Waiting 4 weeks makes me so on edge.  I know I shouldn't be because according to the doctor everything is good.  I am so happy that everything is good but I can't help thinking that that was how it was with Nels before I found out about the PUV at almost 29 weeks.  I know that I can trust my doctor and I know that she is working in mine and the baby's best interest.  She said that she wants me to relax and enjoy the pregnancy more.

I guess I need to work on that this week.  Relax and Enjoy!  Two very difficult words for me but I will do my best with the help of God.  

I know that I could go off on my own and do a paid ultrasound at 16 weeks to check gender... but I really really really can't afford it right now as money is extremely tight.  It would put my heart so much at ease if I knew it was a baby girl... but for now I need to be happy knowing the baby is doing well.

This morning I did another doppler reading so that Chris, my husband, would be able to hear the baby's heart beat and hear it moving around a bit.  The baby was playing hide and seek from daddy.  I normally find the baby closer to my right hand side but today even though I got the beat for a tiny second on the right side it moved as far over on the left hand side as it could.  Since it was moving so much I had Chris put his hand on me so he could try and feel the movement as well.  What a wonderful blessing.  

I am glad I have the doppler, especially since my next appointment is a month away.  I am thankful that God has given me the ability to hear my precious little one move, and hear it's heart beating.  It is a blessing.

Thank you Lord God for the good report from the doctor.  Thank you for your blessings and for helping my baby grow happy and healthy.  Lord you have done so many wonderful things for me and have blessed me greatly.  Lord thank you for each precious moment I have with this baby.  I will do my best to treasure this time and to give you thanks for everything you are doing in me and the baby.  Thank you God for your love and mercy and grace!  Please make the next 4 weeks go quickly now.  In Jesus name, amen!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hiccups, wiggles and butterflies!

This morning as I did my doppler to listen for the baby's heart beat I heard a lot more then what I expected.  The first thing I heard was hiccups.  So cute.  With baby Nels I didn't hear his hiccups until I was in the hospital... so I am really treasuring hearing this little one more clearly.  Hiccups are actually very good for the baby!  It shows that the baby is taking in amniotic fluid.  This makes me very happy.  I know that the lungs don't really start their major development until week 16 but this is a big part of their development.  The lungs need the amniotic fluid to help make the brachia and form the lungs between weeks 16 to 24.  With baby Nels he really didn't have that chance to form his lungs.  I am praying that this baby will be able to have the fluid to form the lungs and to help the lungs develop when they are supposed to.

The second sound I heard was kicking or hitting.  Basic movements.  They sound like bumps or thumps.  It was nice to hear!  I also heard a little bit of swish sound as well along with the bumps.

What was even more amazing then the sounds I heard to day were the feelings.  As I laid down with the doppler rolling over my tummy I actually was able to feel the baby moving a little.  It was so good to feel.  I didn't really feel Nels moving until later in pregnancy so this was a bit of a surprise, but it was another wonderful one.

I treasure these moments with the baby.  It is so wonderful, so amazing, and such a blessing.  At times I forget about these little treasured moments and turn to fear and worry about the baby.  I was writing to one of my online friends today who just passed the day when she had miscarried in her last pregnancy.  What a wonderful thing!  It brings so much relief to mom's when they pass such time frames.  I remember feeling this with Nels as soon as I got to 9 weeks!  I knew he was there to stay.  I just didn't know he would be taken away.   I think this is where my fear is coming from during this pregnancy.  I don't really have a date where I can pass and feel for sure safe this time... as baby Nels was born at 34 weeks.  I don't want to feel this way through out my pregnancy.  Instead I really really really want to celebrate the little things like I was able to today.

This baby is a fighter and has over come so much already.  I am so happy with how well it has done.  When will I feel comfortable again?  I will be going to my doctor again on Thursday.   I will be asking about when they will do the next ultrasound on the baby.  I know that I still need to be watched closer because of PUV.  I think that I should have one at least at 16 weeks.  At this time they would definitely be able to see what is going on and they probably would be able to tell the sex of the baby.  I think the only thing about that that would make be be able to relax more would be if the baby was a girl because then there would be no chance of PUV.

Lord God, I thank you for my little miracle!  I thank you for the precious moments like today where the baby hiccups and moves.  Lord I ask that you continue to breath life into my womb and continue to form this little miracle happy and healthy.  Lord keep a hedge of protection around my baby and help it to continue to grow in the way it should grow.  Lord thank you so much for my little miracle.  Please let this miracle be born and come home with us.  In Jesus name, Amen!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gender Frenzie

First off let me say that I know the gender of the baby has been decided since way before conception by God so all of this is going to sound a bit silly but I really need to write it out of my head today.

Since I found out about being pregnant the thing I have been most concerned about is wether it will be the girl that we were prophesied about or wether it would be a boy like Nels.  The main reason for concern is of course PUV.  Girls simply do not have PUV so it would be so much better to know that I was having a girl.  It would make me more relax through the rest of the pregnancy and would help me not to worry as much.

When we had our scan on wednesday one of my friends was sweet enough to offer to post the picture to have people guess what gender it was.  This friend has been through the terror of PUV recently as well and found out at 16 weeks that she was having a little girl.  Well the results she got back were that 10 people thought the baby was a boy and only 6 thought it was a girl.  

So I did some research... what are these people looking at to figure out the gender.  Well what they are looking for is called a nub.  On my ultrasound pictures though I did not see any of the nub like things that I had seen in the demonstration pictures.  Plus the baby was doing sit ups during the picture taking.  Still I began to freak out.  Freaking out is not good for the baby.

I know that what they are looking at unless highly skilled and trained... they probably can't tell for sure.  Plus I know that when they did do the potty shot... there was nothing visible.  With Nels... there was... I just ignored it thinking that all baby's looked like that at 12 weeks.  This one was done a week later then Nels's so I figured if it was a boy it would be quite evident.  

So in reaction to this what do I do?  Take more of those silly gender quizes.   I took about 4 more.  Each one giving higher percentages for girl, 83% girl, 70% girl and two that just said girl.  I know that these quizes are even less accurate then the nub thing.  I even wrote about it in an earlier blog... but it did seem to bring me a tiny bit of peace though.  Not enough to make a real difference.

I know that my peace needs to come from God.  I constantly hear people say that God won't give you more then you can handle, and I know this is Biblical.  I just don't understand how much we are supposed to handle some times.  All this waiting to find out if the baby is a girl is really stressing me out at this point.

I can't change what God has planned.  I know this too.  I just broke down today thinking about what it would be like if it were a boy.  I think I would literally fall to teeny tiny piece on the floor.  It would be devastating having to be concerned about PUV for the next 6 months.  Worried every day about wether or not my babies lungs would develop or wether it would live longer then the hour I had with Nels.  I don't think I could handle it to be honest.   Then when the baby was born... seeing a little boy every day would only be like a constant reminder to me of what we lost and how he could have been saved if it was caught earlier.

Why am I going through this.  I just want peace and a happy healthy little girl.  Some people may think that this is selfish of me to want a girl.  But I can't really help how I feel right now.  Would I hate having a boy.  No, but it would be difficult.  I am not going to lie.  I really really want a happy healthy baby.  I wish I could just fast forward the next 6 weeks so I could know what is going on better.

I want to be excited about my baby, not scared of losing it.  I want to rejoice and not be in fear.  I want my baby to know it is loved no mater what it is.  Please God, help me.  I can't do this on my own.  I am so lost right now.

Too much stress is going on for my little one.  I don't want it to be hurt by my fears and emotions.

Lord God, I come to you today in confusion.  I know Lord that you are not the author of confusion so I bind that and say to the evil one that he has no place in my life.  Lord I ask that you lead and guide me and keep me safe.  I ask that you hold me in your hand and that you put a hedge of protection around my precious little miracle.  Lord I know that you do not want me to feel this way.  I am ashamed of my actions and my fear.  Please Lord guide my steps.  Keep me focused on you and not on what others say.  Help me to get through this difficult time.  In Jesus name, amen.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

13 week Special Ultrasound

Our thirteen week ultra sound was a combination Nuchal Translucency ultrasound and a check for PUV by checking bladder.  All the baby's major organs where checked as well as the bones in the arms and legs and spine.  The Nuchal Translucency measurement for our Little Miracle was 1.5.  That is a very good measurement.  They want the measurement to be bellow 3 and for the least risk to be below 2.5.  So our baby is looking very healthy there!

This Little Miracle was quite active today!  Doing sit ups and waving at mommy and daddy.  One time the Little Miracle had it's hand on the bridge of it's nose looking like "Oh no, what are they doing now... why all the poking."   The baby actually seem quite happy and content in the womb.  

Little Miracle had a few hiccups and that was cute to see.  Right now I can feel a tiny bit of the movement because the baby is so high so it kind of feels like butterflies when that happens.  We even saw our little miracle open it's mouth and break or suck in some fluid. :)  Yay!!!!  Go Baby Go!  That was nice to see.

I asked about the bladder specifically because of Baby Nel's PUV and the bladder looked small and normal.  We did see a rear end shot of the baby... mostly legs and the later the umbilical cord.  We did not see any distinguishable boy parts so we are praying that this truly is our little girl.   At this point we would have most likely at least seen a little stub of something but saw nothing really. :)

The baby's Heart rate was 169 this morning.  Very happy and healthy.  The baby measured 12 weeks 6 days which is only 1 day behind now.... so in the last two weeks the baby has gained a day. That is good.  This little miracle started measuring 4 days behind and had caught up to two day by 9 week and now has caught up even more.  Such a good baby.

Looking at this little one we saw so much similar in it's little face to baby Nels... same nose and same big lips.  The nose from my dad's side of the family and the big lips from Chris.  Pretty amazing! 

The second part to the NT test is usually a simple blood draw of one tube.  It gives you risk factors for other genetic problems.  My doctor said I did not have to do this if I didn't want to, but since Nels's turned out fine I decided that I didn't mind doing the test.  Since I did not get my blood taken at the other clinic in my first few weeks of pregnancy though, I had 7 other vials of blood taken.  Quite a bit, but the person taking my blood barely made a mark at all.  She was good.

The good news so far is no signs of PUV and no signs left of the Subchorionic hemorrhage!  That was great!  The only thing that was a bit troubling is that there was a fibroid that had possibly liquified.  They said there was nothing to worry about that though.

Lord God, I thank you for our little miracle.  I thank you that you healed my SCH and that there is no more bleeding in me!  Thank you so much for giving our baby a happy and healthy heart beat and for forming all it's parts the way they are supposed to be.  Thank you for the good result on the Nuchal Translucency test.  Lord I pray that the blood tests come back well too!  Thank you for all that you are doing God!  In Jesus name, amen!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Selling our house to move closer to doctor.

Today we had our first real estate agent come to look at our house to see about selling it.  We decided after baby Nels died to put our house on the market.  Chris decided it would be  best to wait until after May.  We have worked really hard trying to empty out our house as much as possible.  It has been hard because of the pregnancy and me not being able to do much... but thankfully we have had a lot of help from my mom and dad.

Today's visit was a little disappointing.  The real estate agent wasn't sure that we would even get the tax accessed price for our house.  She said it was nice and looked bigger then it's size and that it was clean.  :)  that was a happy thing.  But the fact that we may not even get the tax accessed amount is kind of scary.  We need to get at least that much in order to be able to buy a house in the area we want to move to. 

Why do we want to move?  Well we want to be closer to Chris's work and closer to friend and family.  Why do we need to move?  Because of the baby.  We really need to be closer then an hour and a half away from doctors.  

I am excited about the chance to sell our house and move but I am praying that it will be a quick process and that it will not only sell quickly but sell for enough so that we will be able to buy another house where we want to.

Honey, our dog has been very concerned about all the packing, fixing and moving around of stuff.  Today her bed moved to the garage temporarily... not that she sleeps on it... mostly she just stores her toys on it.  She was pretty upset when the agent came. She really didn't want anyone walking around her house.  

Tomorrow I think I will put her in the kennel when the other agent comes.  She definitely will not be happy about that but she will be ok. :)  

The stress of all of this is concerning to me.  I don't want this to effect the baby at all.  This little miracle is so important to us and I don't want anything to happen to it.  I pray that God will put a hedge of protection around this special little one all through out this whole process.  

Lord God, you know why we want to sell our house.  Lord I ask that you help us to pick the best agent for us.  Lord help us to get someone who will work hard and quickly to sell our home.  Lord God, put a hedge of protection around our precious little one and keep it safe.  Lord God please bring the people to buy our house and close the house deal very quickly.  Lord let these people buy the house as soon as it is listed and let it close the quickest way possible.  Then Lord help us to find the best house for us and our precious little one.  Help us to be able to afford a house in a nice area that has great walking and parks.  Thank you Lord for all you are doing in our lives.  Lord we give this over to you as we have done what we can do now.  Please help us.  In Jesus name, Amen!

Friday, June 5, 2009

7 Months ago Today

Just Seven months ago today our precious baby Nels was born.  This was the hour he lived in so I wanted to make a special note to celebrate his little life!  

We love you so much baby Nels and we wish you were still here with us!  You were an amazing miracle to us!  Your life was short but gave us so much joy for the few moments you held our fingers!  That is one thing I will never forget!  You holding on to my finger and not letting go.  

Baby Nels you fought so hard and did so well.  You were so beautiful.  I can't imagine why you had to go away, but I know that God had better plans for your life!  You are healed and whole in heaven!  Your new body has no problems and you can run, dance, sing and praise God with all the angels in heaven.

Right now I know you must know that we have another baby on the way.  It is another precious miracle to us!  We want you to know baby Nels that this baby can never replace you in our hearts though.  We will always have a spot for our little boy who tired so hard.

We are praying that the miracle inside right now will get to come home with us in a few months and will get to try out some of the neat things we bought and received for you.   You had so many wonderful things you never got to try... like the organic diapers and the special crib mattress with no chemicals.  We tried to get you the best because you were so special to us.  We saved all your special things with the hope that someday we would be able to have a baby come home with us.

We love you baby Nels!  We will see you again someday in heaven!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Online Pregnancy Quizes

Today just for fun I took a online pregnancy quiz to see if I would have a girl.  It was just for fun... and is made out of all these old wives tales.  I know that it is not scientific and that it doesn't prove anything and at this point only God knows if it is a girl.  It was fun though and gave me the answer that I am expecting a girl.

:) We have been thinking pink because we have had our little  boy and he had PUV.  We know that Girls can not have PUV.  This is one of our reasons we are thinking pink.  There are a couple others.  We also were prophesied over 10 years ago by several people that we would have a little girl who would dance for Jesus.  That is our greatest desire right now that our little miracle would worship the Lord.

Though it is fun to take these quiz's it is nice knowing that in a few weeks we should know the gender of our precious little miracle for sure!  I personally can't wait to find out!  I know that God has the best plans for this precious little one!

Dear Lord, I thank you for the fun I had with this quiz.  Lord I know better then to trust a quiz.  I know that you are forming our precious little miracle in the way that you wanted it formed.  Lord I trust you that you are building each part of this precious miracle happy and healthy.  In you alone Lord will I put my trust.  Not in test or measure... but in the wonder and grace of your mercy and love.  I Jesus name, amen!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Roses for the loves in my life

 Yesterday my mom helped me plant 3 roses and put them by my porch!  Each rose I picked out for a specific reason.

The rose to the left is called a Love Struck rose. It is a yellow rose that starts out with a bit of red and orange.  I picked this one out for Baby B Beautiful Miracle to represent her ultimate sacrifice for the love of Baby A Little Miracle!  It is a two colored rose... so it can stand for both the precious little miracles!

The next rose... the one in the center... is called Angel Face.  It is a pale lavender rose with a burgundy edge.  It is one of the most beautiful smelling roses I have smelled in a long time!  I picked this one out for Baby Nels!  Because his face was the face of an Angel and he smelled so sweet!  We miss you so much Baby Nels!

The last rose I picked was the Disneyland Rose.  I picked this rose out special for Chris and I.   I picked this one because of it's name.  It is a multicolored peachy rose.  The reason I wanted the Disneyland rose was because that is where Chris and I spent our honeymoon in July of 1994.  July 2, 2009 will be our 15th wedding anniversary!  I love Chris so much!  We have been trying so long to have a family and are praying this year... that will come true!  I wanted to give Chris a special rose to remind him of the happy parts of our marriage.

Lord God, I thank you for Baby B and Baby Nels and all the other precious little ones we have lost.  I pray that you are taking good care of them!  Lord I thank you for Chris, for his love, his understanding, and for everything he has done for me to help me out during this pregnancy.  Lord bless Chris in all he does and help him to live his life strong and faithful for you!  In Jesus name, amen!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8 days until I see my little miracle again.

It hasn't been a week yet since my last appointment and I am already wishing my next one was sooner.  I can't imagine what it would have been like to be pregnant before ultrasounds.  I think with my history I would just about be going nuts at this point if I hadn't been able to see my precious little miracle moving around and see the flicker of the heart beat.

I know in my heart that I need to trust God to keep my precious little one safe.  I also know that faith doesn't come by seeing the baby... but by believing it is under God's protection and that he is forming it in every way!  God know's every little detail of this precious miracle.  He knows how everything is going together. He sees everything happening in the womb much better then an ultrasound machine.  Be breathed life into my precious little one and is keeping that precious heart beating.

What a miracle this is to have life placed inside.  A precious treasure.  A gift from God.

I have 8 more days before my next ultrasound.  It will be the first one that my husband has been able to see.  He was able to take off the whole day to spend with me.  We are going down to the hospital and get the ultrasound... then I have an appointment to get some blood drawn.  

After that we are going to spend the day celebrating our miracle!  We are going to go to the zoo to see the new penguin exhibit, and then to Romio's for gluten free pizza!  Yeah!  

I am really looking forward to this day with Chris and the baby.  I know that before my other ultrasound I was extremely nervous.  But this time is different.  I feel safer now.  I am almost to my second trimester and will be on the day of my ultrasound.  What a blessing that is!

The scan that I am having done at 13 weeks (my next ultrasound) is a Nuchal Translucency Scan.  It is generally to used for people over 35 to check for genetic issues.  For me they are going to check out some extra parts as well... because of the PUV baby Nels had.  They will check the bladder really carefully and the kidneys.  Plus all the normal organs and parts that they would normally check during the scan.  It may be possible to see the sex of the baby... if the baby cooperates.  But it is still early so it may not be totally clear yet.  We are hoping that it will be clearly a girl so it will not have any chance of the PUV that baby Nels had.

We are also praying that everything else looks good too!  We did do this test with Nels.  They told us everything looked good... but they had not looked at his bladder or kidneys well.  If they had we might have a totally different story right now.  But God knew best for baby Nels and he is safe and whole in heaven.

God, I thank you that you have a hedge of protection around our precious little miracle.  I pray that when we have the scan done at 13 weeks we will be able to see all the baby's parts and that they will be growing happy and healthy.  I also pray that you keep the baby's heart beating well and that you continue to form it beautifully in the womb.  Lord, please let us see that this baby is a healthy little girl and that she is going to be born.  We need your hope Lord to press on.  We are holding on to your grace, mercy and miracles right now for this precious child.  Thank you God for all that you are doing!  Please keep my heart at peace for the next 8 days as I wait to see my little one.  In Jesus name, amen!